Thursday, September 6, 2007

Am I? Or Am I Not?

Preggers with #4????? Well tomorrow I will finally find out. i have scheduled an appointment for 8:15 so cross your fingers that we will be adding to the family once again. I have been feeling sick to my tummy and the having a few other symptoms so we shall see. I am getting excited for the weekend. Kim and I were going to go to the Richmond International Race, but opted to just have the weekend to ourselves so we are heading to Williamsburg, we have not been there in quite awhile so it will be fun to hit the Pottery and all the outlet stores. The kids will be spending the weekend with MIL/ i better get to packing and get my legs shaved for the DR! LOl

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day.....

I hope all of you have had a great day off, and those of you who did have to work bless all of you. I was lucky to have it off, but Kim ahd to work. I have been feelin a bit under the weather the past week nursing a headcold and losing my voice just a dad bit. Ashley started Fall softball this past Friday night, but we are not sure that there will be enough teams for games so they may just practice for the next 8 weeks. Ayla got new Cell phone so she thinks that she is so HIP. Lord what will she want next? They just seem to grow up so fast. I am still waiting to see those gorgeous pictures that Tisha took of her and my kids. I am sure she is busy. School is still going strong at the Jones household gettin ready for wekk 4. Thuis weekend I found a cool new site ( sassy scrappin) alot of the ladies are from Virginia. I have been working on alot of layouts this weekend so here you go....... I did a challenges at Sassy Scrappin. Have a great week everyone.