Saturday, September 22, 2007


So the waiting begins. I threw my hat in and tried out for a Design Team. I am super excited because the site is local right here in the LOVERS STATE!!! Woo hoo. The poor kiddos probably think their momma has been a crazy woman today screaming atthem to not answer the phone if it rings. I have been trying to stay busy working on a Halloween Board Book, I only have about 3 page left. Ayla and I have been working on Campaign Posters because she is trying out for the Student Council Spirit Coordinator. It has been awful trying to come up with a slogan to rhyme with her name. If anyone out there has any suggestions please, please , please pass them to me.
I have been up to myelbows in glue and paint cutting out letters and cross and skull bones for her.
So wish us both luck!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cool, Crisp Fall Day!!!

The weather today is sooooo wonderful. We woke to 45 degrees this am but I still ahd my fan going
and I was under my nice warm down comforter. It was time to break out the jackets for the kiddos
and some pants too. The girls were ridinh the bikes this evening going thru all the paths that Kim has so graciously cut so he can shoot BAMBI again this year!... But hey he hunts and I scrap... This weekend I got alot of scrapping done and I am so happy. I have working on my sisters wedding album that she gave me about a year ago. Slowly but surely the layouts are gettin done. I used one of the sketches from Cherie's blog called Sketches -r-us you can click on the side bar and go directly to her blog. The children finish their first 6 weeks of school on friday so we will find out who made the honor roll. Anyone looking forward to having the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. The kids love raking and jumping in them. I am ready to break out some Hot Apple Cider and make a big pot of chilli. anyone want to join me?? Oh, and Anne if you are reading this I hope I didn tforget your Birthday!! I hope you had a great one or I hope you have a great one. Love ya girl!