Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday, Saturday...

Last night Ayla and I went to see 27 dresses last night if you ahve not seen this movie I highly recommend it. Now, the men probably will not want to go, but you can take your daughter or go with your girlfriends very worth the $$. Dh, was not feelin so hot yesterday he had to have a tooth pulled and was in pain most of yesterday. Ashley went away to her friends house for the night she ahd to take ehr heeley's so she could teach her friend how to ROLL!!! I also had a great OB appt on friday, baby is growing right on target, BP is great and the best news of all is I have not gained an ounce and I am almost 5.5 months preggers. Not, too bad. But, I tell you what i bet i will be bruised to death by the time this little booger is born he is keeping me up all night dance away!!! I have been waiting for my B-I-L to get his rump here and get to buildin my closet. You see we live in a very old house ( 1779) and the old thing has no closet space. We really want the baby to sleep in our room after he is born but right now I have all of these enclosed hangup things in our room taking up way too much space. Hopefully he will start on Monday and I will finally get my mantle piece put up in the living room ( that just means buying more goodies from southern living at home) to decorate with!! So, on with the good news. the contest that I entered on Scrap Attack Scrapboking for Jan. I took home 2nd place. I was really excited
about that. I finished a few layouts so far this weekend I just need to scan and upload. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday Mornin...

I figured it was about time I post again, lol! I have been home since Thursday a.m. witht he kiddos because of the little snow that we got. I was so excited knowing that there was another storm on the way and it was calling for 2-3 inches, well that up until Saturday morning when it changed to a dusting. We were so looking forward to having snow ice cream. Oh, well maybe there will be a next time. I have been super busy working on some projects this weekend for a Guest Dt spot at
they also have a great blog contest going on too and lots and lots of challenges daily. Don't forget over at
they have the blast-a-thon going on so many new people have joined. I will share my "08" goals layout with you after the judging of the
contest is over wish me luck! Nothing much on the agenda today but watching the football games with dh and chillin with the kids, Oh, and some scrappin too!