Friday, September 9, 2011

Yeah for Friday....

As my kids would say! They are glad it is Friday!
So they can sleep in a little longer in the morning. I am happy too
love my extra sleep on Saturday. Ayla had a Volleyball yesterday and Jack had football
practice. Of, course I could not wait to get home to watch Big Brother and of course
who could forget the opening season of FOOTBALL!!!! The above layout
is based from a Sketch at My Scraps & More.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mac-n- Chz please......

Yummy!!! Who doesn't love Mac-n-chz????? I know I do and so does my family. This is my great grandmother's (Myrtle Spangler) recipe. She will soon be turning 95. although I have not seen her in many years she is still a big part of our life. I was lucky enough a few years back to receive a cookbook made from my mother complied with favorites of her and my grandparents. This recipe happens to be one of them. My great grandmother had 16 children. My grandfather(my mom's dad) was her her first born his name was Jack whom I named my first son after. I always thought it was such a Man's man name if you know what I mean a big strong name.  I love to hear all the stories my mom tells me about staying with my great granny. She is such a wonderful and spritual woman and I loved listening to her. growing up as a small child and visiting her was great because that meant that you would not only visit her but someone else in the Spangler clan would also be there. Her kitchen always smelled like fresh homemade bread or pie and it was filled with hope, love and joy.
Miss you Granny!

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

1/2 lb. pasta
1/2 lb. grated cheese
2 eggs
1 T butter
1 T flour
salt and pepper to taste
and milk

Cook pasta according to package directions. Butter casserole dish and layer pasta and cheese in dish
dot with butter sprinkle with salt, pepper and flour. beat eggs well and pour over pasta add milk till it comes juts to the top. bake for 1 hour at 350. add more cheese to the top. I added bread crumbs too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An answered prayer...

Boy, what a weekend. I spent most of it in the bed with a head cold. i would rather be sick than any of my babies. Last week Chace had a fever and complained he didnt feel the best. I prayed over and him and prayed over him asking God to let me be sick and Chace be better. My prayer worked. I feel miserable but I will get through it and God knew that when he answered my prayer. Above you can see a few more challenges that I had completed at the My Scraps & More crop. the first one of Ayla
is was a sketch. I have really enjoyed the new friends I have made over there. Well we have a new chorus member in the House. Jack came home last week and was super excited because he tried out to be part of his school choir and he made it. His school is really small and they only have choir and jump rope team. We were very proud of him They do alot of traveling and concerts have a uniform to boot. Of course my head starts spinning $$$$. but on no, it's not about the Money, Money, Money
it's about the priceless memories he will have and the pictures I get to take. Everything these days have a Price Tag. First its was the new Volleyball shoes, hair ribbons for each game,embrodiered backpack, Football fees, cleats, now chorus and next will be soccer....but we do it to keep our kids active and healthy and yeah, of course we love the concession stands!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tennessee Tech Night...

On August 24th my husband along with Pepsi hosted TTU night at his Food Lion store. I had the job of making 30 footballs with ribbon. Easy Peasy. While I was in Hobby Lobby I noticed they had cupcake toppers. I bought them and took out the toothpick and inserted curly ribbon and walah!!!
All the employees wore them. Food Lion/Pepsi gave out 500 hotdogs, drink and chips to all whoo showed up in support of the Eagles. They also gave out free passes to the football games. At his store they made a TTU display out of drinks. although my husband was not there due to being at a conference in N.C. I took pictures of his asst. managers and the Pepsi guy. It was a great turn out and way to get involved with the community.