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Undeniable Attraction Release Blitz...

Book: Undeniable Attraction
Author: Eliza Brown
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Romance

Cash is a sexy, smart, cocky, ruthless, impulsive, and jaded bad boy.
Clair is shy, innocent, responsible and just plain old nice. She's also in love with Cash....
Clair has worked for Cash at his Private Investigation firm for the last three years. She's also been in love with him for just as long. She has kept her feelings for him a secret since she knows she's not his type. But she is sick of being the sweet girl nobody notices. It’s time to be the girl she always wanted to be. She's ready to put herself out there and try to get his attention. Unfortunately for Clair, she also catches the eye of someone else, and this someone, isn't going to let her walk away easily.
Cash is forced to put all his experience as an ex-marine and private investigator to use when Clair is put in danger. But while he's doing that, he starts to see her in a new light. He is determined to fight his new found attraction to her. She’s a good girl, sweet, gentle and kind. Not qualities he’s usually interested in. But things have changed. She’s changed. And now that Clair is in danger he’s finding it harder to keep himself under control. 
Can Cash protect her from this new threat? And keep his hands off her, even though there’s no denying the attraction between them?       

Eliza Brown is a simple little housewife from Cairns, Australia, with a wicked good imagination. She is the mother to three crazily cute kids and the wife of a Sexy Arse Tree Lopper. She is also baby sister to a Certified Nutbag, a Linesman and a Fireman.
Eliza spends her days running around after her kids and jotting down stories that come to her at inconvenient moments in her leather, flower embossed notebook. (She is very particular about her stationary.) Or in her iPhone or iPad or whatever she can get her hands on. (Damn kids keep running off with her stationary.)
When the kids are napping nine times out of ten, you will find Eliza sitting at her computer typing as fast as she can, while she can. Generally with her phone wedged between her shoulder and ear bouncing ideas off her sister.
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Promise Hurt Release Day Blitz & Blog Tour

Promises Hurt By Elle Brooks

Published August 2, 2014


I wasn't planning on falling for Ethan Jamison, hell I wasn't planning on our paths ever crossing. He’s the most popular guy at school and a complete player. Me; I’m the perpetual good girl, trying to carry out one last request. But when you make a promise, how far do you go to see it through? 

~ Blair

It’s a running joke that I’m a terrible liar, if only people knew the truth. My whole life has been spent making excuses and deflecting questions. I was pretty good at it until Blair Thomas entered my world. She saw through the mask that everyone is so willing to accept. She makes me want to tell her all my secrets, but can she promise to keep them?

~ Ethan

Book Cover


I look down at my cell and it’s 4:54pm. No sign of Ethan. No text to explain. What a douche. I mean, okay so I needed to be here anyway to collect books, but that’s not the point. He didn't know that. I can’t stand people that make plans and then break them without warning. It takes two seconds to send a text.
I’m packing up my things when Ethan Jamison barges through the library doors. He’s panting like he’s out of breath and his eyes are frantically scanning the almost empty room. Then they land on me. I stand completely frozen, mouth gaping like a total moron. Of freakingcourse it has to be that Ethan. He makes his way over, and the sound of his boots echoing through the otherwise silent room awakens me from my dumbstruck state. Emily’s letter flashes in my mind and I feel instantly embarrassed. Like, somehow he knows about it, which of course, he can’t, but I’m still panicking.  
He stops a few feet short of my table and looks a little unsure. This isn't the cocky Ethan Jamison that struts around school thinking he’s god’s gift. It’s thrown me a little.
“Hey, um…I’m Ethan,” he says, looking down at me. He lays his guitar case down at his feet and then adjusts his backpack on his shoulders. “Are you the tutor, I mean, sorry…are you Blair?”
I never realized how tall he actually is up close and personal. I’ve seen him play at a gig for about two seconds once, but he was on a stage, so of course he’s gonna look taller than everyone else. Emily and I have only stalked him at a distance. His blue eyes are boring into mine and I'm just standing there. Staring. Like an idiot. He shifts his weight and I realize he’s asked me a question. I still haven't replied. Shit.
“Er…yeah, I’m Blair, nice to meet you. I was just about to go, I thought you weren't coming. You’re late.” The last part comes out all pissy like I'm mad at him.
An amused grin starts to form; his mouth pulling up slightly at one side and the boy has dimples—real life honest-to-god dimples.
I shake my head and practically bark out, “I’ve been waiting for you for almost a half hour. If you’re gonna be late when we meet, you could at least give me a heads up?” Oh my god, why the hell am I telling him off?
His smile widens and he’s not even trying to look sorry. He drops his backpack on the table and takes a seat.
“Yeah, I had practice and it ran over. Steve has a no phone rule, so it’s kinda hard to let you know when I don't have my cell.”
Steve is the music professor; he’s got the new age hippy vibe going on and makes all his students call him by his first name. I pull my chair back out and take a seat. “Okay. Well, um, let’s just get started then.”
I look up and his eyes are zeroed in on my chest. What a complete douche, he’s already ogling my boobs. I cough twice and raise my eyebrows in a ‘what the hell, my eyes are up here’ stare, and his cheeks immediately redden.
“Shit, no, I wasn't checking you out! I mean…um, I wasn't staring at your…fuck, well I kinda was but I mean, shit; I was just trying to read what your shirt says.”
Holy crap, this guy’s more awkward than I am. 

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Tabitha's Review
What can I say about this book. Honestly at first I didn't know if I would like it. But after getting into a few chapters. I changed my mind. This was a pretty great book.After losing her best friend to Leukemia and being given a letter form her Blair's perspective on life changes. She wants to do right by her friend and finish out her bucket list that she started. Ethan a basketball player and music student needed help in a class at school so he decided to embark on getting tutor.What he didn't think would happen was he started falling for his tutor Blair. Blair couldn't believe that out of all the people Ethan needed to be tutored and he was the one guy that her friend wanted to lose her V card too.  Will Blair be able to tutor Ethan with out falling for him? Will Ethan be able to express his love to Blair. With his troubled home life Ethan is determined to get out and break free will Blair be his ticket out. Be sure to check this one out.

Sami's Review:
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Blair and Em have been friends for all of their young lives they are more than just best friends they are souls sisters. When Em is diagnosed with cancer everything changes in their world. When Em finally succumbs to the disease eating away at her young body Blair is left alone with no one. The only real friends he ever had was Em and Em has left her with a letter and a bucket list that she would like Blair to finish for her. Em always had this huge crush on Ethan so when Blaire realizes that he is the one she is supposed to tutor her feelings are mixed. She never intended to really like him he was never really her type. Ethan has always put on a front of being the rock star and that life was great. It is far from it. His home life is a disaster and no one knows about it. The closer he and Blair become the more he finally finds a reason for living. Things get so twisted in life sometimes we make presumptions based on things we find and they are so completely wrong. Sometimes we find out too late that what we thought was not in fact the way we make them out to be. Blair and Ethan are so in love that it is amazing to watch these two help one another. Blair is Ethan’s light at the end of the dark tunnel and Ethan has made Blair more confident and outgoing. Will the misunderstandings and insecurities of a new young romance tear them apart? Or will tragedy strike just as they are making amends and do it for them? This story is stunning and I cannot wait to read the conclusion thanks for the great cliffhanger Elle you sure know how to suck a girl in but no complaints :D 
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Temporary Release Day Blitz...

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Title: Temporary (Book 2 in the Indelibly Marked series)

Author: Kim Carmichael

Release Date: August 8, 2014

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

* Temporary is Book Two in the Indelibly Marked Series that revolves around the lives and loves of the Elliott Family and Permanent Tattoo. Each full-length book can be read as a stand-alone, and features its own couple

Temporary Trailer



After a year spent secretly hooking up with his best friend's baby sister, a tattoo artist who believes only ink is permanent must decide if his love is temporary. In a temporary world only tattoos are permanent… Content, consistent and calm described Ivan Harlow’s life to a tee. Satisfied with being a artist at the world-famous Permanent Tattoo, playing the role of eternal side-kick, and of course, hooking up with his best friend’s baby sister, his days are predictable and fun, and nothing has to change. With his live story permanently embedded in his skin, he still can’t help but feel anything he dares to love will only be temporary. All Emily Elliott wants are some big changes in her life. She wants to make it big in the world makeup, needs to show her three big brothers she is all grown up, and dreams of truly being with Ivan, the man she has wanted since she was seven years old. However, when the fate of the tattoo shop is put into Ivan and Emily’s hands, they must not only work together outside of the bedroom, but face their own personal truths, and figure out what is permanent, what is temporary and where love fits.

  temp teaser2


About Kim Carmichael:


Kim Carmichael began writing eight years ago when her love of happy endings inspired her to create her own. A Southern California native, Kim's contemporary romance combines Hollywood magic with pop culture to create quirky characters set against some of most unique and colorful settings in the world. With a weakness for designer purses, bad boys and techno geeks, Kim married her own computer whiz after he proved he could keep her all her gadgets running and finally admitted handbags were an investment. Kim is a member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as some small specialty chapters. A multi-published author, Kim's books can be found on Amazon as well as Barnes & Nobel. From alcohol to makeup to infrared cameras and even scientific lasers studying the atmosphere, Kim has worked in some aspect of sales and marketing for over twenty years. When not writing, she can usually be found slathered in sunscreen trolling Los Angeles and helping top doctors build their practices.
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Permanent (Indelibly Marked Book 1)
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Larkin's Letter Review Blog Tour...


Book Title - Larkin’s Letters
Author - Jax Jillian
Publisher - Tate Publishing
Genre - Contemporary Romance




As Ryan Boone struggles to come to grips with not being able to keep a promise he made to his dying wife, Larkin's Letters propels readers into the mind of Ryan as he struggles with frequent visits from her ghost and a series of letters she left behind.

Ryan has worked hard to become one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors, but no matter how famous he became, he always remained loyal to his childhood best friend, Larkin James. When Larkin is diagnosed with leukemia, Ryan sacrifices his career to be by her side and in turn realizes how much he had always loved her. Throughout Larkin's sickness, Ryan promised her he would never let her die alone. But we learn that not all of our promises are always within our control.


Tabitha's Review
All I can say about this book is that you will so be crying your eyes out and sopping up those tears with a dish towel. Well at least I did. This book is filled with love, patience , kindness, commitment, heartache and passion.I just cannot say enough about this book. What a dedication of love. Larkin a struggling screenplay writer is hit with Leukemia and vows to herself that she wants her husband to keep his promise and not let her die alone. The letter that Larkin writes to her husband (Ryan) of her journey with Leukemia will tug at your heart strings. i will tell you that when they said their vows and then again when they renewed them for a second time. I was a pure blubbering mess. I so want to have what Ryan and Larkin shared and I too would choose to die only in my husbands arms. Thank you so much Jax Jillian for writing such an amazing and touching book.

Sami's Review:
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Larkin and Ryan have been best friends since they were little kids. Each has grown up, married and lived their own lives but never lost touch. Ryan has lived in LA since he was nineteen fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor. Larkin has stayed in their hometown and is a nurse who writes on the side. Though they seem to be worlds apart they are always there for each other no matter what. When Larkin finds out that she has cancer she does not know how to tell Ryan. She does not want his pity and does not want to be a burden to him. Like all secrets Ryan finds out and wants to be there for her. At first she refuses for the same reasons she didn’t want to tell him about her illness in the first place. However with a few meaningful heartfelt words Ryan gets her to reconsider. It is sad that sometimes in life bad things have to happen in order for us to realize that the happiness, love and fulfillment we have been searching for has been staring us in the face for a long time. This story is heart wrenching and absolutely perfect. Before reading this book please pick up a box of tissues or two for the love and loss portrayed in this book will leave you weeping and breathless. To read about such a perfect love is amazing to experience it would indeed be Heaven on earth. 


clip_image016[4]Jax Jillian introduces her first novel, Larkin’s Letters, which was inspired by her love for modern day love stories. A graduate of La Salle University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, she also received an Associate’s Degree for Physical Therapy Assistant from Central Pennsylvania College. She currently works as a Physical Therapist Assistant in Philadelphia, PA, where she lives with her husband and baby son.
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