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The Lover's Secret Blog Tour and Review...

Genre: Mature New Adult/ Adult Contemporary Romance
Recommended for ages 18 and up.
Full Length Novel

When a sexy encounter comes like a dream...

Brooke Stewart thinks she's finally safe and can move on from her past. But after one night at the Trio Hotel and meeting the sexy stranger with the green eyes that can steal one's soul, her life is changed forever. Passions run deep. The fun is supposed to be for one night with no strings attached.

Sexy millionaire Jett Mayfield can have any woman he wants, but the night he sees Brooke, he knows what he has to do. Brooke has something Jett desperately wants, something he can't admit to the woman he tries to get to surrender. He has a secret so deep it would upend her life if she found out too soon. He's almost reached his goal, and then she gets a letter she was not meant to read. Suddenly, secrets get a completely new meaning.

When two hearts collide, at least one is bound to shatter.

A man who takes what he wants
A woman who's ready to give him one night
One bet that turns into a game of seduction
But Mr. Sexy drives in the fast lane. And he has a secret that could destroy her

My Review
The Lover's Secret by J.C. reed is the first book in the No Exceptions series, I loved this book. It was sweet, short sexy and suspenseful. Brooke Stewart broke but classy decides to seduce her man Jett and borrows a slinky dress from her BFF Sylvie to spend the weekend at the upscale Trio hotel. Upon entering the hotel Brooke feels a bit leery like something is going on and she can't put her finger on it. After a quick roll in the hay with Jett she gets suspicious about him and his phone calls and then she finds an email that had been deleted on her account and it was not done by her. Although she loves Jett she is not sure she should trust him, but she really tries. Look for lots of twist and turns in this book. I can't wait to read the second book. I loved J.C.'s writing and will definitely go back and read her other books.

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No Exceptions #1 (No Exceptions, #1)


The Genesis Project: Prophecy of the Seven Review

What would you do if you had the power to save humanity from the face of dark and the seemingly sealed fate of ultimate death? Would you gather the courage to stand up and fight, or would you break down, buckling under the pressure of almost certain death? 

Reighlyn D’Crey lived a normal teenage existence until her eighteenth birthday – then everything she knew crumbled to ash around her. It was a time that should have been filled with joy, but quickly turned into the fight of her life, the fight for her life and the fight for all of mankind. 

Reighlyn is different than other teenage girls. Gifted. She possesses rare talents that most people couldn’t even dream of. She kept them a secret all her life, until the day of her eighteenth birthday. Reighlyn’s mother received a letter from Reighlyn’s father – a man long though to have been dead. The letter details a horrible truth: The world as they knew it would cease to exist if a group of powerful terrorists called The Militia, had their way. The Militia were planning a takeover extraordinaire. Their main focus was to capture all of the gifted from the earth. Reighlyn and her mother, Rowan, were left with little choice; they had to run. Escape was their only option and they fled to the one place where Reighlyn’s father said they would always be safe: The Sonora Caves. 

After an intense run-in with the Militia, sparks fly between Reighlyn and a dark and mysterious man with strange but alluring eyes. He does the unthinkable: Before letting Reighlyn, Rowan and her friend Blaine leave without reproach, the man promises to find Reighlyn again. Who is this strange but undeniably sexy man? 

Reighlyn’s entire existence is redefined once again in Sonora where she learns she is the leader of a prophesied group, who have waited patiently for her to find her way; to lead them all in more ways than one. The prophecy reads, “A group of seven will champion those in need. They will be the new beginning, and the end to war, without them, all will be lost. To the one who is above all, none are more important than her. She who is born under the full moon and who has been kissed by fire, she who has no beginning and has no end, she who wields five will lead the Seven. She who is marked with the seven stars upon her skin. Without the one, the six will fail. The world would fail and all will have been for naught.” 

Reighlyn must learn to come into her own as a woman as she learns to fight, lead and love with a fire emblazoned heart. Balancing love, the heavy weight of being a prophesized leader and learning to move forward in a strange new world can be quite a load for any girl to bear. As the war rages on, can the Seven defeat the evil Militia with Reighlyn at the helm? The Militia, who so efficiently and effectively destroyed modern civilization with their careless tactics, will not go down without a fight. Let’s hope the Seven area not too late. 

My Review
Sami's Review:
Most girls get a car or start moving out of their childhood home when they turn eighteen what Rieghlyn gets is a whole other ball game. Reigh has always known she was a little different but the year she turns eighteen her world is literally changed forever. Not only does she find out that her father also had gifts but the world as anyone knows it is turned upside down. People are dying and disappearing all over and all she wants to do is keep her mother safe and survive. Rowan, Reigh’s mother comes up with a plan of where they can hide. On the day they are about to leave an old flame, Blaine, shows up at their home. With little choices left he agrees to go with them and hopefully they can find safety and he can find some answers. Their journey is not without peril. They run into militia types and what they find when they arrive at their intended destination is more than they bargained for. Being told that you are a part of a prophesy that is meant to save the world is a huge thing to hear. How will Riegh deal with the things that are thrown her way? At such a young age can she truly lead these people to a better life? Will the militia get to them before they are prepared and stop the uprising before it can truly begin? This story sucked me in right from the start. I am left yearning for the second book of this journey. 

Being West is Best Blog Tour

Being West is Best
by Monique Bucheger

Twelve- year-old BFFs, Ginnie West and Tillie Taylor, are matchmaking geniuses. Together, they maneuvered Ginnie’s widower-dad into proposing to Tillie’s divorcee-mom. Sweet! Certain they are well on their way to sisterhood, each girl is floored when Tillie’s lousy-excuse-for-a-father puts in an appearance after a six year absence. Too bad “lousy dad repellant” doesn’t come in a can. Even though Tillie’s dad has sobered up and is determined to make amends, Tillie would rather he just disappear again. If he stays, “Operation: Secret Sisters” may need to be renamed “Operation: Not Gonna Happen.” If that’s not bad enough, the biggest bully in seventh grade comes over often and wishes he could call the West’s farmhouse “home.” When the bully’s abusive dad shows up as well, Ginnie thinks it’s time to change her family’s motto from “When you’re here, you’re family” to “There’s no more room at the West’s.”

Let's learn a bit about Monique:

When Monique Bucheger isn’t writing, you can find her playing taxi driver to one or more of her children, plotting her next novel, scrapbooking, or being the “Mamarazzi” at any number of child-oriented events. Even though she realizes there will never be enough hours in any given day, Monique tries very hard to enjoy
the journey that is her life.

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Blood Drive Review...

Blood Drive
by Lane Hart


The way his eyes roamed down my body, I was pretty sure he was checking me out. With that little bit of confidence it was now or never if I wanted to see or talk to him again. The chance of rejection was worth risking because I was so tired of being lonely, and he was so gorgeous.
“Could I maybe call you if I have any more questions?” I asked hesitantly.
His mouth dropped open. “Hell yes. I mean yeah, sure. Please call me,” he stuttered in what seemed like maybe surprise, making me sigh in relief.
I pulled my phone from my pocket to quickly put his name in my contacts before he changed his mind. All I knew was that his first name was Sam.
“Um, what’s your last name?” I asked embarrassed.
“West, it’s Sam West,” he said with a sweet smile.
“Okay, what’s your number?” I asked, my fingers hovering over the numbers on the screen waiting.
“Eight, six, seven, five, three oh nine,” he called out. I started putting the numbers in then stopped. Why did that sequence of numbers sound so familiar? Wasn’t it an old song?
“Is that really your number?” I asked as I looked back up at him.
Sam actually laughed out loud. Catching him off guard, he looked like such a happy and carefree guy, and even more adorable. There was something about his eyes that had seemed sad before now, even with the perfect smile he was usually flashing.
“Yes, that's really my number, why? You think I’d give you a fake one?” he asked still grinning as he pushed his long hair out of his eyes.
I was so captivated by the sight of him that I completely forgot what we were talking about again.
“Call it and make sure if you want,” he said when I didn't respond. “I just have horrible taste in music.”
If I called him then he'd have my number in his phone too, without me trying to force it on him like the desperate girl that I was. Not that he’d ever actually call me.
I smiled as I finished entering in the number then hit send.
“Boop boop boop,” what sounded like the Super Mario Brothers theme song blared out from his behind. Without taking his eyes from mine he grabbed his phone from his back pocket and answered it.
“Helllooo? Jenny’s busy right now, but I can give you a good time,” he said referencing the old song with an even deeper and sexier rumble to his normal masculine voice. Oh, and I bet he really could too, I thought blushing again.
I couldn't help but laugh as I ended the call, and if felt so good that I was sad that he was leaving.
“Okay, now I know it’s really your number,” I said as I put my phone back in my jean pocket and tried not to let him see how pathetic I was.
“I hope you’ll call me,” he said so sincerely that my eyes shot back up to his. His ever-present sexy boyish grin was gone, and instead he looked so serious and genuine that I thought I'd melt into a puddle.
“I mean, again. When I’m not standing in front of you,” he amended making my smile widen.
“Well, now you’ve got my number too,” I said as I pushed my hair behind my ear, and glanced back down at my shoes.
He just stood there without saying anything until I looked back up at him.
“Okay, I’ll call you. But just to warn you, I’m going to try and talk you into going on a date with me,” he said with a nervous but hopeful smile.

My Review
Sami's Review:
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Sam has pretty much given up on finding love and is bored with one night stands and meaningless flings. Who wouldn’t be after living so many years? You see Sam is a vampire. His job is not typical either but it is convenient he works at a blood bank. His roommate is a cat who is actually a warlock named Chris. One day during a blood drive in walks Kate. Kate is nervous but determined to donate her blood. Sam is speechless when he lays eyes on Kate instant attraction is what he feels. When he draws Kate’s blood he notices something off and asks to speak with her later that night. Kate is nervous to meet him but determined to find out what is wrong and if she gets a few dates out if it all the better cuz Sam is HOT! After Sam makes the big reveal about Kate’s blood they start to get close. Chris asks Sam to help him get Kate to make him a real man again. After Kate does that to say that things go to hell in a hand basket would be a HUGE understatement. This is a great story it will definitely run you through the gambit of emotions from happiness to wanting to get your hands around someone’s neck and choke the life out of them.  After reading this book I came to the conclusion that Chris is an ass of major proportions, Kate is one lucky girl and I want me a vampire lol. I can‘t wait for the next installment in the series.

 Author Bio for Lane Hart

Lane Hart was born and raised in North Carolina. She continues to live in the south with her husband, two daughters, and several pets named after Star Wars characters. After working in criminal law for over eight years, Lane often finds herself throwing her legal background into her work without realizing it. Her stories tend to focus on the strange lives and romantic encounters of various paranormal characters.
When Lane's not writing or reading sexy novels, she can be found in the summer on the beaches of the east coast, and in the fall watching football, cheering on the Carolina Panthers. Her current work in progress is Blood Ties, the rare combination of a prequel and sequel to Blood Drive. The story of how Kate's father, Tom Adams, met her mother, Elizabeth, begins nineteen years before Blood Drive and concludes after Blood Drive's Epilogue. Of course Kate and Sam’s story continues in this upcoming novel, while Tom tries to move past his grief and guilt to try and start a life with Joselin.
Lane’s other works include the Wild Series: Wild About You, Wild & Out, and Wild & Free, the three part story about Emily Hunter. Emily thought her life was as normal and boring as it could possibly get. Little did she know that her world was about to be turned upside down. After sharing her own surprising news, Emily has to learn how to cope with her husband Ben’s family secret and the consequences it may have on her future.

Innocence Reclaimed Blog Tour...

Innocence Reclaimed Blog Tour

Innocence Reclaimed
by Helen Johnston


Delve deeper into the journey ... 

Siobhan remains in the clutches of Monique, trapped in her French chateau; her body drawn into a world of sensual and sexual awakening. Torn from Blake's arms, will she ever see him again? 
Jarryd, sworn to protect Siobhan for the Elder Blake, continues to feel overwhelming emotions that he thought were long dead. The passion and desire, his love for her, he knows is futile. A happily ever after with her would be the signing of his own death warrant. 
Will Monique's plans for Siobhan reach fruition as the Elders' party draws closer, gathering them together once a century? Will hell on earth reign supreme? Or will Blake, one of the most powerful and charismatic Elders, be able to hold his restraint until the perfect time to rescue his love?

My Review

Innocence Reclaimed is the second book in the Journey of Innocence Series. Although this uis typically not the type of book that I would normally read there were a lot of parts that i really, really loved and some I did not. i did not read the first book, but their was enough back story that I was able to understand. In this book Siobhan is still in the grips of Monique who is pretty darn evil and tried her hardest to sink her teeth into Siobhan and turn her. Jarryd became Siobhan's protector while she was held captive and he tried to keep everyone away from her as much as he could. Siobhan is so thankful for Jarryd being by her side and protecting her that she starts to fall for him while she is waiting to be rescued by her true love Blake. If you are looking for an Dark erotic paranormal book then this is a series you will love.

About Helen:

Journey of Innocence,a set of three books, Innocence Lost, Innocence Reclaimed and Innocence Reborn.
It's basically a love story, the corny saying "love can conquer all." You are taken on a journey with twists in it. There are characters to fall in love with, to hate, and everything in between.
Vampires that have fangs, and do bite, but not necessarily on the neck... Plenty of hot steamy sex that will tease your senses and leave you craving more...
A little about me!
I grew up in my family's home in the County of Hampshire, England. My childhood dreams were filled with the desire to become a dancer. An only child, but I was never alone, my years were spent entertained with my vivid imagination. I met and married my husband not long after leaving school and soon after our son was born. My family is made complete with my two cats that are spoiled rotten, which results in them often thinking they rule the home.
My life consisted of home life and a few jobs in the retail industry and my vivid imagination refused to stay quiet. So combined with my love of erotica and all things vampire I decided to try my hand at writing and has never looked back.
You can find me in all sorts of places, including FB, Twitter and my blog.

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Cover Reveal Broken Road by Addison Kline

Broken Road - Book 2 in the Breaking Black Series and the sequel to Black Horse

Signed Paperbacks can be ordered from Addison's website!

It is often said that time heals all wounds. It is spoken like a promise... a vow. These words are repeated to people who have been beaten down to their lowest state. To the poor souls who have nothing left to lose. Whispered into the ear of a grieving daughter, told with a shrug to a man who has nothing left to live for.

These are dangerous people.

The down-trodden.
The grieving.
The ones who love more people dead than alive.

The words should never be uttered. Not to the ones who have no solid ground on which to stand upon, no rail in which to clasp. The white-knuckled moments of life have come to be expected rather than feared.

"Time heals all wounds."

The words are an insult. A slap in the face... and around here, they'll get you hurt. For Averi McClain and her husband Colt, there were few deeper insults.

If time could heal all wounds, Jessa McClain would be proud to know that she was going to be a grandmother. Nathan Ford would have proudly walked his little girl down the aisle with Corinne beaming from her seat. Sitting by her side, Anna McCord would wipe a tear from her eye. Standing proudly by Colt and Randy at the arbor, Seth would have stood as a groomsman for his childhood friend. That is, if time truly healed all wounds.

But what about the hurts you cannot see? The deep gashes and the mangled hearts that remain after the brutality of a war. Their childhood was a battlefield. Colt and Averi didn't want that for their own sons and daughters.

What does time to do wounds? Time is nothing but a reminder of how much time has past since you last saw the ones you love most. The line is bullshit. A scape goat. A cheap cop out. It is something people say when they don't know what to say. It's not deep or sympathetic. It doesn't stop the heart from bleeding. Colt would not have a granite wall built around his heart like a fortress. A barrier which only Averi could crack.

Randy's soul would not quake with anger every time he heard mention of Black Horse, his roving band of lunatics, also known as the Seventy Devils, or Jimmy Hearns. You can’t even say the name Trent Myers to him without his sanity flickering out of sight. Tim wouldn't have to fight his anger out at the gym for several hours, five days a week. Shelly's sense of security would be intact and undisturbed. Averi's legs would not be permanently scarred with evidence of Black Horse's fiery insanity.

Time doesn't heal all wounds. Wounds fester. Sometimes the strain and exertion of trying to
get better puts so much stress on the wound that the scab rips open, stitches and scar tissue be damned.

Some wounds cannot be mended.

Some lines are just begging to be crossed.

Some roads are meant to be broken.

As one of Averi's favorite bands so poignantly croons, "God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you." In the case of Colt and Averi, no song lyrics could more perfectly describe the road that they have traveled. They have a love like no other, acting as a guiding light, a beacon in a world turned dark by Black Horse. What would you do if the the one man you couldn’t live without, was the son of the bastard that murdered your parents and your eldest brother? In the case of Averi Ford, she knew Colt was nothing like his father. He had spent his entire life running from his shadow. He had always been the one to protect Averi, even moreso than her ever watchful brothers. You can’t turn away from a love like that.

Theirs was a love that was intensified by pain and longing, desperation and heartache. They faced seemingly unsurmountable odds, and continue to do so, side by side. She needed him, not to be her hero, but as her equal and her friend until the end of their days. He needed her, not only physically, but spiritually, emotionally, he had wrapped all his hope in her. His humanity relied on her happiness. If her heart ceased to beat, he would let the darkness overcome him. He wouldn't stop until every single member of the Seventy Devils were dead.

Lord knows Randy and Tim would fight right alongside him. Averi was as essential to Colt as oxygen. Without her, the Colt that she knew and loved would cease to exist. They loved each other despite the odds they faced; in spite of those who said they shouldn't. Averi loved him regardless of his family history, of the stares and gossip, the upturned noses and blatant hostility. When Colt McClain walks into a room, the citizens of Oakely don't see him. They don't see his face or his kind soul. They don't see him at all. They see Black Horse - the man he so closely resembles, but whose hearts are night and day. There is a key difference. There is a gentle warmth to Colt's gaze. A calm depth that if you look deep enough, you can see all the good in him. Look into Black Horse's eyes and you'll see your own demise. When people look Colt's way, they see a murderer, a thief, a snake. They see a man with no soul. But Colt never killed a man that didn't have it coming, and let me tell you, Jimmy Hearns has it coming.

Most motorcycle clubs are not street gangs, but in the case of the Seventy Devils, there was no point in hiding it. The Seventy Devils ran the streets of Oakeley. The Seventy Devils, the band of lawless savages that did Black Horse's bidding, lived on, leaderless and hell bent on anarchy. When the strange circumstances surrounding Black Horse's death went public, Jimmy monopolized. Playing the role of a mourning son, Jimmy earned the respect and the power Texas' most violent motorcycle gang. To say the devils are out for blood is an understatement of epic proportions. The band of sociopathic heathens were rallied by Black Horse's death. It was a call to action, a call to arms, each one of them thirsty to drain the blood from Black Horse's murderer. Each one yearning to display his killer's head on a pike for the whole community to see. If the Seventy Devils were hostile during Black Horse's reign, it was nothing compared to their mental state after Black Horse was found burned, shot and murdered.

A war has erupted. The Seventy Devils are scattered and on alert, gnawing at the bit for the go-ahead to strike. They would not hesitate to spill the blood of anyone who stood in their way of recompense. They knew they would need to act fast if they wanted to come out on top. Colt was not the kind of guy that you slept on. He'd stop at nothing to protect his family and he was lethal whether he was heavily armed or going toe to toe, bare knuckled beat-down style. Colt did have Black Horse's blood coursing through his veins, after all. But then, so did Jimmy, and he is ready to show everyone that the apple didn't fall far from the tree... in fact, they appear to have formed on the same poisoned branch.

As leader of the Devils, Jimmy had seventy miscreants to do his bidding - and three goals in which he needed to achieve:

1.      Avenge Black Horse
2.      Kill Colt McClain and Randy Ford
3.      Take Averi for his own

Jimmy has another thing coming if he thinks victory is easily won. Will Colt and Averi's broken road end in tragedy? Or will they be the ones to banish the devils straight to hell? When the demons of the past rise up, can Colt and Randy face them fearless and determined? Whatever happens, don't expect Colt and Randy to stand alone. Buckle up. The broken road makes for one hell of a ride.

My Review

Broken Road is the second book by Addison Kline in the (Breaking Black) series. I was so excited to be able to read this book after reading the first one. In this book Averi and Colt try to move on with their new life and baby on the way. except they can't. They have never been able to just sit down and relax they are always looking over their shoulder waiting to be attacked by someone. this time it was Jimmy. Jimmy was the little boy that Averi use to babysit when she was younger, Jimmy has a slight obsession with Averi and vows to claim her as his own and does not care who or what comes in his way as long as she is his. Of course he just can't do this on his own he has to have his 70 Devil biker buddies avenge for him However Colt, Randy and Tim are waiting for the Boom to go down. this book series will totally suck you in. Of course I can't wait for the next one and to see how the love story between Cheyenne and Randy and Tim and Shelly go.

Want more Broken Road? Check out these teasers!

To the Broken Road Release Party! 

Hope to see you there!