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Blood Prophecy Blog Tour & Review...

Blood prophecy
Queen's Destiny
by Barb Jones


Marcus was above her now, and he helped Chloe struggle to her feet.  She never took her eyes off Amber as Gerard’s movements slowed and then finally stopped.  Still, Amber’s mouth stayed on his neck.
Michael was there now, breathing heavily and watching as the wolves tore at the carcasses around them, biting off legs, arms, great chunks of torso and even heads, until only the four remained whole—the four, and Gerard’s lifeless body.  Finally, Amber lifted her head.  Her eyes were bright and she licked blood from her lips.  With a laugh that sent chills up and down Chloe’s spine, Amber lifted Gerard’s body and threw it amongst the wolves, who dove on it and continued their orgy of gore. 
Michael rushed to Amber and embraced her.  Chloe and Marcus limped along after him.  Amber smiled at them as she disengaged from Michael and ran to Chloe.  Michael called after her, “I should be angry with you.  I thought I was pretty clear that Gerard was mine.”
The friends stood together and watched as the frenzy gradually died down and wolves began whimpering rather than snarling.  Soon they gathered and walked to the four, transforming as they did and kneeling in front of Amber.  Chloe recognized a number of them as museum employees.  Even the bitch from accounting. I will never complain about how you want purchase orders completed again.  Finally, a giant of a wolf, fur dark black and glistening with gore, padded in front of the others and gradually assumed a familiar shape.
“Malakai Ridgewater?”  Marcus stared in disbelief.  The man stood before Amber, smoothed his sideburns, and knelt.
“All these years,” Amber whispered.  “All these years and you waited for me.”
Ridgewater pushed the hair from the side of his neck and revealed a dark black symbol.  Marcus glanced at his own, and then at Michael, who shrugged and inclined his head to reveal one of his own.  “I would have waited another thousand years for you, my queen; and I’m not sure the mark gave me much of a choice anyway.”

Chloe, Yakima, 1993
Chloe held tightly to her mother’s hand and they walked through the pines. She stepped around the occasional drifts of snow that stubbornly refused to melt even now at the end of March.  Six others walked with them, heading deeper into the woods.  Chloe looked at their feet, trying to match the sound of the needles and brush crackling under their boots to each particular step.  She concentrated on the sounds.  When she was satisfied she could identify each of the walkers by the noise of their footsteps, she turned her attention to their breathing.  Her mother was easy, and she recognized the pattern without having to think much about it.
The others took a little work.  The man ahead and to the right breathed shallowly and regularly, while the one behind them wheezed a little.  The woman next to her mother breathed purposefully, as though every exhalation resulted from conscious intention.  The others—
“Mommy, stop.”  Her mother looked down at her and Chloe began to tug at her arm, pulling her south.  “Come on.”  Her mother looked at the wheezing man and he nodded, so she allowed Chloe to guide her and the others followed.  In a few minutes, the bubbling of the Yakima River reached Chloe’s ears.  In four or five more, the others heard it as well.  She pulled her mother through a last copse of trees and stood at the bank, staring at the water.
“What is it, honey?” Chloe’s mother knelt beside her and studied her face.
“The whitefish is about to die.”  Chloe pointed at the water.
“What whitefish, sweetie?”
“The one right there.”  She was still pointing at the water.  Her mother followed her finger to the water and squinted, but couldn’t make out anything below the ripples of the river.
“How is the whitefish going to die, Chloe?”  It was the wheezer. He’d walked up to where the girl and her mother stood on the bank.  He pointed at the water.  “Will another fish come and get it?” 
Chloe reached out and took the man’s hand, still pointing, and lifted it up, pushing it as far as her reach allowed.  “The sky will kill it.”
The man looked up and studied the sky for a while, then turned his attention on Chloe’s mother.  “Marlene, I’m just not sure.  She feels intently, I know that.  Still, it’s not just…what?  What is it?”
Marlene’s eyes had grown wide and she stared at the sky.  “Look, Tom.”
He looked up.  It was an eagle, and it circled above the river.  Suddenly, it dove, and Tom gasped at the speed of the thing.  In only a second or so, it was flying back upward, a whitefish in its talons.
He looked at Chloe.  “You were right, she has the Sight.”


A prophecy told long ago that is destined to unite three different faction of supernatural creatures. Each faction has it’s own version of the prophecy but which one is the real one and how far will they go to make their version of it come true? Michael has been waiting for centuries for the Queen to rise again. Plans have been made and now all he has to do is find her so that he can fulfill his destiny. Amber has always had strange dreams that leave her plagued with doubts about reality. Chloe has been special since the days she was born. Gifted with the Sight she is a child of Prophecy as well. Two women brought together to fulfill a destiny written long ago. Will the Prophecy come to fruition? Will Michael find his Queen? Will Amber succumb to the forces after her? A great beginning to a what is bound to be an enthralling experience.  

Having been born and raised in Hawaii, I loved telling stories ever since I was a child about vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, and witches.  I was a little girl who loved scary stories, much to my mother's dismay.  The scarier - the better.  Hawaii was a perfect place for stories until I moved to Seattle.  I decided to turn a love for the supernatural into writing stories to see if others would love them as much as I do.  Currently, I live in Florida but since I'm a Seattle girl at heart, my stories take place in the Northwest.  I continue to write supernatural stories of vampires, werewolves, witches, and more while enjoying the beaches and sunshine.  I also love to help others and give back to my community.        

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Trinity Trilogy Body....

Title:   Body (Trinity Trilogy, Book 1) 
Author:   Audrey Carlan 
Genre:   Erotic Romance 
Release Date:   November 17, 2014 
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Men ruin women.
Especially men like Chase Davis. Good looking, intelligent, rich and powerful. I never stood a chance.

I didn’t want to want him.
I didn’t want to need him.
I didn’t want to fall for him.

He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I let him consume me. Arrogant, confident, controlling, demanding … intense.

When he entered my life, I was finally healing after having barely survived the men of my past. My soul sisters told me to take a chance. To let someone in. I let him in, and he surrounded me with a light so bright I was blinded by the truth...

Men don’t ruin women.  
They devour them in every way that counts.

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language, graphic sexual content, and themes that some may find disturbing. BODY is book 1 of a three-part trilogy. Book 1 has a “Happy for Now” type ending.

Sami's Review:
There are so many things in life that we take for granted, love, family and safety just to name a few. Gigi has had a hard time in her short life. When you love someone and believe that person loves you n return only to have to suffer abuse at their hands not only does it scar you on the inside but breaks something inside you as well that is not easy to fix. Yet what they say is true what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. With the help of her “family” Gigi not only gets through her tough times but comes out stronger. Chase is a magnificent character so vividly described that he will invade your thoughts and dreams long after you finish the book. Chase is the kind of guy that Gigi is terrified of yet her instant attraction to him makes her want to not only trust in men again but to trust in HIM. Chase definitely comes off as your typical alpha male yet what he harbors underneath is breathtaking, A great read that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next book.

Ten Fun Facts About Body(Trinity Trilogy - Book 1)
 by Audrey Carlan

1. Gillian (Gigi) is the name that my husband and I would have named a child had we ever had a little girl. Alas, I am surrounded by men but loving it!

2. The three soul sisters are loosely based on my very own three best friends. They enjoy seeing what I put their character through. For example, Maria’s character is very different from my best friend Dyani, but they do have core similarities. My girl is fiercely protective, was an incredible contemporary dancer, is Italian and does speak Spanish, even though it’s not her heritage. She however, does not have a potty mouth and was not a victim of domestic violence like her character.

3. The three men aside from main character Chase Davis are loosely based on my soul sisters husbands.

4. My mother was a victim of domestic violence and writing this novel was something very cathartic for me, and I hope it gave the issue a bit more light. Young women, just out of high school can easily fall victim to domestic violence and being so young and impressionable are, in my opinion, often easier to manipulate into believing it’s there fault or they deserved the treatment they received.

5. San Francisco is very near and dear to me as it is less than a two hour drive from my home. Plus, I’ve personally not read a trilogy set in San Francisco.

6. The trinity symbol is extremely prevalent in my life and always has been. My soul sisters and I plan to get a tattoo with it, however, one sister is dragging her feet. The compromise is, if this trilogy makes it onto the New York Times bestselling list one day, she’ll get the tattoo. <crossing fingers> Not sure what I want more, the tattoo or the list! Both would be incredible.

7. Fun fact about this novel is it’s actually the first book I ever wrote but the fourth being published. This novel in particular holds more of my life and heart than anything I’ve written to date. During the developmental edit process I just had a really hard time separating myself from the book and couldn’t be objective. I took the advice of my mentor author Jess Dee and set it aside…for a YEAR! Then after I wrote the Falling Series (3 full length novels) I then was capable of going back to it. I think it’s a better book because of it.

8. I’m a pantser. The extent of my plotting is a one liner for each chapter but not usually until I’m halfway through writing it. Body was entirely written with very little plotting. I just let the muse go crazy and this is what happened!

9. The main character Chase has family members that names all start with a “C.” Chase, Carson, Cooper, Craig, Colleen, Chloe, Charles.

10. Heat level in this book runs at about an 8 out of 10. I like to write erotic sex scenes that make you feel something. I think you’ll find them so hot you’ll need your mate at the ready. <wink>


clip_image008Audrey Carlan is a professional fundraiser for an international healthcare related charity by day, and a sensual and erotic contemporary romance writer by night. She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not raising money, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

In life she believes that all things have their purpose even if we are unable to determine the purpose immediately.


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Black& White Desires Blog Tour & Review

Black & White Desires By Alexandra Webb
Blog Tour November 17th - 21st 
Hosted By: Ashley's Addictive Book Promotions 


Erika’s world is turned upside down when she agrees to a photography job for Landon, a sexy archaeologist with a passion for control. When he hires her for a shoot of a different nature, a BDSM demonstration on submission, Landon takes her into a lifestyle that has only been a curiosity for her. She must learn to let go of her control to follow her desire to submit. Can Erika come to terms with what she needs from Landon and learn to give up the control she clings to?

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Sami's Review:
Erika has always looked after herself and never really depended on anyone. Her family life left things to be desired because of the circumstances and trust is not something she knows a whole lot about. All she wants to do is get her photography business off the ground so that she can stop working odd jobs. Landon is a person who needs to be in control of every situation. It is what makes him a great Dom but also not the easiest person to get to know. Landon spots Erika at one of her “odd jobs” and is intrigued by her. He makes himself known to her and soon they enter into a tentative relationship. Erika has never really thought of herself as Submissive but when she is hired by Landon to do a shoot she starts to wonder. As with any relationship, there needs to be trust and communication but more so when entering the kind that Landon wants with Erika. We all have hidden desires and this book evokes some new ones. Will Landon and Erika both manage to get what they need and want out of this relationship? Or will their individual issues prove to be too much? A great story not to be missed.

When I first set out to write Black and White it was a joke, a simple let’s see if I can do this, and then it turned into my SPE project. Something happened that I didn't expect: I feel in love with the characters. I never really expected it to go far, but then because of contract reasons I had to send it to my publisher before I could do anything else with it. They accepted it, but because of issues with their time management and how they treat their staff and authors, I requested my rights back. They were granted back to me and I quickly went to get it out to the public.  Luckily for me, I had a great group of people behind me to help me make it happen.

Now, before you tell me that I want to be the next E.L. James. I never dreamt I’d be writing erotic romance, never mind BDSM erotic romance. It’s just something that happened. My husband and I have been in the life style for close to five or six years now. It’s something that is near and dear to my heart. That being said, just a couple notes about Black and White: It’s fiction, a BDSM relationship does not develop over a few nights or a few weeks, that’s what makes this fiction and fantasy; I've strived to stay true to the life style that I love so much, but I write fiction not self-help books. Please if you’re interested in the BDSM lifestyle, do your research, talk to someone who lives it, and no matter what stay safe. If you’re not interested in the lifestyle, please do not be so quick to judge. 
Thank you. 

Alexandra Webb

Alexandra lives in her office, where the coffee never runs out, the music plays and the chocolate magically appears. She adores reading, crafting and sleep. She often gets lost in her own world of writing. Spinning tales since she could speak, she knew she wanted to be an author in high school and she chased the dream everyone told her was ridiculous. Her preferred genre is paranormal romance with a flare for things a little less vanilla. Alexandra takes gifts of caffeine, candy and other sweets.

The leather covered stand was a rectangle on four feet and hit me a little below my waist. I nodded and bent over it, the edge hit right at my waist as I bet over my breasts hung off the other side. Exposed and vulnerable, my panic started to bubble in me. I started to get up, and he put a hand on my back. "Relax, remember your safe words."
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. "Green." I wouldn't let nervousness of something new take this experience from me. None of my ex’s could figure out what I needed in bed. At least Landon was willing to try something different.
He kicked my feet apart, forcing me into a less comfortable stance and exposing my wet core. I shivered, as the cold air seemed to touch me places it shouldn't have been able too. "Stay there. Don't move." He purred, and his footsteps grew soft as he moved away from me. A clicking sound grew in the room and I tried to turn my head to see what he was getting out of the chest.
"Uh uh, I said not to move."
I took a deep breath as my body clenched and the wetness dripped down my leg. The anticipation curled in me as my mind entertained ideas of what he could be plotting. When he returned something soft wrapped around my wrists and then my ankles. The four faint clicking sounds told me I was being restrained to the legs of the horse.
His hands brushed over my back. “How we doing, pet?"
"I'm good, I mean Green."
He chuckled and disappeared for another moment. I couldn’t help but pull on the restraints, testing them to see if they really held me in place. They bit into my skin the harder I pulled and the pressure of trying to rise up off the horse only pushed the wood into my hips.
There was a faint swooshing in the air and I mentally cursed as excitement filled me. I tried to reason with my brain, but I lost the battle. Something smacked my bottom and caused me to cry out. Whatever he had hit me with left a faint stinging on my ass, but I craved more. The craving made no sense, but as the pain faded, I found myself wiggling my ass for more.
"Very good." He praised and repeated the motion. This time my cry wasn't as loud, the third time I made more of a mewling noise as pain gave way to pleasure. He put the item down and his soft hand made loving circles on my ass over the stinging marks. I took shaking breaths as he soothed my sores. "You handled that well, but I think my little pet started to enjoy that." His hand slid between my legs, testing the wetness there. "Yes, yes you did." He slipped two fingers inside me, pressing against my sweet spot.
A thrill went through my body and a moan escaped from my mouth. His fingers stroked that delicious spot and pleasure started to build deep in the pit of my stomach. I let out a small noise of protest when he pulled his fingers out, leaving my core aching for more.
"You're very responsive, I like that, it makes things more fun." He lifted my hair and kissed the back of my neck. I tried to fight the shiver crawling down my back when his lips brushed against my skin, but it won out when the sound of his zipper echoed through the quiet room.
Never had sex come up so quickly in a relationship before, but I craved what he was willing to give me. I couldn't explain it, but I wanted to sleep with, I wanted him to fuck me. I needed for him to use my body for his pleasure. My body and mind were too overwhelmed by the sensations to make any sense out of it. As if reading my thoughts he slammed into me, and I groaned as my muscles contracted around his large size, the head of his length rubbing against my sweet spot of surrender. His fingers found my clitoris and started to stroke in the same rhythm he pounded into me with.
Then it started to happen, my mind became fuzzy as I reached a point where I didn't care if I could move, or about the pain of the horse biting into my hips. All I cared about was the pleasure flowing through me at every touch he gave me. The thrusts changed between pleasure and a touch too rough, pressing me harder against the device, with my braid still wrapped around his wrist pain threaded through my body, but it only added to the pleasure. My toes started to curl as my muscles tensed. The pleasure built in my stomach, curling into a ball, waiting to explode. He flicked my delicate bud and tension in me became painful until a delicious tingling exploded through my body, each of my muscles relaxing as my core clenched and tightened around his cock.  With a final thrust his seed shot into my quivering body.
My vision seemed to fade as I continued to buck against the horse, riding out the pleasure. The smell of sex tainted the air and clung to my lungs as I tried to relearn how to breathe. My body slouched and relaxed against the furniture, welcoming the cool leather against my scorching skin. I no longer fought the restraints. Landon pulled out of me and moved to my front so I could see his spent cock. He ran a hand over my head and the motions calmed and soothed me. Disappearing from my view he started to unlatch my limbs, leaving the cuffs on my wrists. I stayed there and rolled my eyes up at him when he returned.
My limbs felt heavy and my mind still foggy from the insane orgasm he’d just given me. I could feel the soreness started to settle in. "I don't think I can move yet."

Today's Interview will be With Erika Witman. Let's see what she has to say!

What is your name?
 Erika Witman
Do you have a nickname? 
Not really, Sir calls me Pet a lot.
What is your hair color? 
What is your eye color? 
Brown, sometimes they look hazel
How old are you? 
Where were you born? 
Colorado Springs
Where have you lived since then? 
No where, never left.
Where do you currently call home? 
Colorado Springs.
What is in your refrigerator right now?
 The left overs from the meals Sir has made me learn how to make. I’m getting better at this cooking thing.
What is on your bedroom floor?
 Nothing, I keep it clean, even from laundry. Sir likes a clean house.
What is on your nightstand?
 Books on photography and Photoshop, I’m going to get the hang of this digital stuff eventually.
What is in your garbage can?
Paper plates, trash from cooking dinner last night, and well the packaging from new room.
Who are the people you are closest to?
Jessica and of course Sir. I’m becoming close friends with Beau and Sheila
Who is your funniest friend?
Without a doubt, Jessica. The woman can make me laugh so hard I cry and her humor is always timed right.
What is your biggest fear?
Being sought after by a crazy person again
What is your most treasured possession?
My most reassured possession was my dad’s camera, sadly I no longer have it. Nothing has replaced it.
What or who is the greatest love of your life?
What is your favorite journey?
This journey I’m on now, discovering my submission and what makes me tick.
Which living person do you most despise?
Geoffrey. Who the hell stalks someone…crazy bastard.
What is your greatest regret?
Currently? Going out without asking Landon, that led to a world of trouble.
Which talent would you most like to have?
The ease of which some people have for Photoshop.
What is the quality you most like in a man/woman?
The ability to be open and honest. Trust and communication are the two things I must have in partner.
What do you most value in your friends?
Loyalty and being there through thick and thin.
Who is your favorite hero of fiction or In real life?
Chuck is my hero of fiction. In real life, the people who deal with tragedy over and over and never blinking an eye.
Which living person do you most admire?
Those who fight for the lifestyle and are passionate about it.
Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Does Sir count? If not it’s “I’m fine.”
What is your motto?
A picture is worth a thousand words…cliché I know.

Erika, Thank you for taking the time to answer some of these questions for us. I would like to wish you good luck on you journey. 

Now we Have Alexandra Webb here today to kinda tell us how Black & White Desires Became. Let's Welcome her and see what she has to say!

”What would you like to tell everyone about you that they wouldn't already know from reading your books?”
 I actually took photography in high school because it had been my mom’s passion. Needless to say I didn't have her talent.
 Can you tell us your latest news?
I’ve completed my next BDSM Novel Exclusively Yours and hope to have a release date. I’m also looking at releasing Caught and Bound on it’s own here in the near future.
What inspired you to write your first book?
As Alexandra Webb, my first book actually was Black and White (even though Twisted Redemption came out first). It started out as a joke and a NaNoWriMo project. The joke was with my husband “You can totally write something better than that.” (I’ll keep from naming titles) And I snorted and said, Yeah…and that’s what I set out to do. I did it for the Self Publishing Experiment, but things got haywire. Though through everything, I fell in love with it and strived to make it the best I could before I hit the publish button.
Do you have a specific writing style?
Not really. I try to bring in similar themes, bondage, suspense of some sort, but there’s no true style. Sometimes it’s 3rd person sometimes it’s 1st person. Sometimes it’s long, sometimes short. It’s all sexy though!
How did you come up with the title?
The original title was In Black and White and it was actually an editor with a publishing company that urged me to change it to something sexier. I decided I liked it so much I’d keep it when I left the company.
“What do you want your readers to get out of your novels?”
I want my readers to get the escape they crave when they come for BDSM books, but I also want them to get a sense of how a true BDSM relationship works. I know it’s fiction, but I still strive to be as accurate to the lifestyle as I can.
“Is the book mostly fantasy or do you think these situations could actually happen?”
Now I love music just as much as reading, I normally listen to music while I am reading. Do you think that you characters have theme songs? What would they be?
“Are the experiences fact based or from your imagination?”
A little bit of both. I draw from experiences and research and take it from there. I’ll let you figure out what I have experiences with ;)
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
Nope! I’m so totally in love with Erika and Landon that I wouldn’t change a thing about them.
Can you share a little of your current work with us?  Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
My current work, Exclusively Yours, is a story about a woman who had a terrifying experience in the past and it comes back to challenge her current life. It takes place in a club with a sexy detective trying to get to the bottom of some gruesome murders. The challenge for this book was that Leslie at some points is with multiple partners…this isn’t something I have experience with!
Who designed the covers?
I did! With input from people I trusted. Fun fact: It’s my picture on the cover, because it was the only picture that the people agreed on, none of the stock photos were working.
What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Honestly? The sex scenes. Black and White is written in first person and BDSM sex is not only about the motions of going through sex, but the emotions of the characters. Getting into her head was very emotional.
Do you have any advice for other writers?
Don’t listen to the naysayers. Keep going.
I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to answer these for my readers and I. I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future.

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High Stakes Seduction Book 5...



   Synopsis   Book 5 - The conclusion to Angela and Antonio's story Angela is delighted when she earns a new position within Antonio Mancini's fashion business. Then Antonio surprises her by providing an equally impressive opportunity for her sister, Maria. Clearly, her instincts about this gorgeous, powerful man must be correct... or are they? There are still too many unanswered questions for Angela to shake off her misgivings completely. Determined to get to the bottom of it all, she takes things into her own hands, only to discover she's in way over her head. And for once, even her normal resourcefulness isn't going to help. The only remaining question is: Can she count on Antonio to come through one more time? Or is everything she ever wanted over? This steamy novella is book 5 - the conclusion to this ongoing serial. It contains adult material suited for 18+ year olds.
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About Author
Like most romance writers, Ami LeCoeur is a romantic at heart, but in her heart it's the classic Romanticism of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. She is also a painter, glass artist, and award winning poet, as well as a writer. When she isn't traveling, she lives on California's Redwood Coast with her husband and two kitties. She loves her wonderful ocean view, and when the fog comes in - as it always does - she's either curled up with a good book, or busy writing. If you like Ami's stories, please let your friends know. 
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Heroes To Swoon For Cover Reveal

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Roaring Hot!Rachelle Ayala
A playboy motorcycle racer hires an aspiring actress when he is challenged by his grandmother to bring a real girlfriend to her birthday party.

The Right Pitch Lyssa Layne
Colie Adger is torn between the lavish attention from a big shot pitcher and the common sense of a solid friend. Can Colie figure out her own heart and hit a homerun off the right pitch?

The Art of Love- Michele Shriver
After watching her parents' marriage crumble, jewelry artist Chelsea Matthews doesn't believe in love, but a sexy painter sets out to win her heart and prove that good guys do exist.

Behind the AltarP.C. Zick
All seems perfect in Leah's life until tattoo artist Dean rides his Harley into her heart in this story of forbidden love.

Lost Avalon - K.S. Thomas
Blaise Nolan has it all - brooding good looks, a haunting voice and troubled lyrics of a soul gone lost. Only he didn't wind up brooding, haunted and lost by accident...

Second Shield - Stacy Eaton
Agent Drew Bradley goes undercover to find an officer gone rogue, but what he finds in Detective Sergeant Mackenzie McAllister is nothing he ever expected.

Amber Rules – Melinda Curtis
One of the first assignments of life coach to the rich and famous, Amber Rule, is to improve the game of Evan Oliver, one of the biggest bad-asses in the NBA. Will Amber up Evan's game? Or will he teach her a new set of rules?

Wild Irish RideJennifer Saints
Sexy, Southern Suspense. Jesse was Alexi's forbidden fruit, the one man she couldn't forget and can't resist. After twelve years he's back for her—so is a killer.

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