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Bloodrealms By Aurora Whitett


Werewolf princess Ashling Boru's eighteenth birthday is only a year away, which means that she only has twelve months before she is claimed and fulfills her prophecy to unite the packs and lead her people. Her father decrees that her four suitors must fight in the Bloodrealms, the werewolves' ancient underground fighting world, and the winner will have King Boru's choice to win Ashling's hand. The wolf laws are rigid and barbaric, and Ashling's illicit love for Grey, if discovered, will mean his death. But when Ashling and Grey get trapped in the blood-soaked depths of the Bloodrealms, they find ancient horrors far greater than Ashling's father's rule. 

With betrayal around every corner and old nemeses set to destroy Ashling, she is more divided than ever between the destiny she didn't choose and the love that she did. To make matters worse, her decision will not only set the course of her future, but the future of her entire race.

Sami's Review:
Ashling has the weight of the world on her shoulders, literally! Not even 18 years old and already she has seen more than her fair share of violence and is expected to fulfil a prophecy that states that she will save the worlds. Caught between duty and her heart she struggles with what the right thing to do is. Grey has loved Ashling since the moment he laid eyes on her but the rules state they cannot be together. Every male wants Ashling for either political reasons or for the power being with her will bring them; only one wants her for who she is. People and Wolves alike are hunting her down to stop her from fulfilling her destiny. Will love win in the end? Or will duty to family and her people cause her to make a wrong choice? Will she ever be truly safe? This is way better than your average Romeo and Juliet tale. It has ancient rituals, an archaic mind set and love and battles.


Release Day Blitz& Review Twisted by Desire Desiree A. Cox

Twisted By Desire
by Desiree A. Cox
Series: Lust, Desire and Love Trilogy, #1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2014

Nikki Carmichael is confused. Her head’s telling her one thing while her heart is sending another message.

She believed her first husband, Sky, was her Prince Charming. They got married expecting to live their happily ever after, but the happiness dwindled right along with their checking account. Their divorce legally ended the marriage, but not the love and uncontrollable desire between them.

Then she meets Jeff. He’s hotter than an August day in Florida, and can offer her everything she’s always thought she wanted.

Jeff is committed to his life as a bachelor, but his high-powered nature has finally brought him to a crossroads. He’s face-to-face with a quandary; his decisions will affect his professional and personal life forever.

Nikki’s tenacious efforts to live a dream life, while still keeping her heart shielded, are coupled with wrestling an ongoing dilemma – her heart still belongs to Sky.

But Nikki isn't the only one who’s twisted by desire.

As I stood, Jeff placed his hand on my lower back, which was the equivalent to pushing the floodgate button while touching me with an electric wand. I inhaled slow and deep. The tingles radiated through me. I could feel the wetness breaching the tiny silk barrier. After staring into his inviting eyes and listening to his deep, husky voice throughout dinner, I longed for him to kiss me.

We walked out to the car, where the perfect gentleman opened my door for me. Before I was able to lower myself into my seat, he stroked my face with his hands, our eyes fixed on each other. I tilted my head slightly into his hand as he caressed me with the gentlest touch. Is he reading my mind? I was waiting for him to lean in and kiss me. I leaned forward and held my gaze on him, wanting his mouth to consume mine, waiting to taste him. Instead, he pulled back.  I sighed and sat down, and once I was situated in my seat, he shut the door. Fuck, fuck, FUCK!

Let me just tell you this book is HOT!!! what a fabulous debut novel from this author. I don't think that February can get here soon enough to read the next one in this trilogy. Recently divorced Nikki working adn trying to provide a good stable home for her daughter finds herself still lusting after her ex husband Sky. Let's just say they do more than just exchange parenting time. One night while out with her friends she notices a hunk of a man who she ends up persuading named Jeff. He is the hunk of all hunks and wealthy to boot. things seem to start moving fast for Nikki and her daughter with Jeff in their life now, but is this really what she wants? Can Nikki really give her heart away again or will she follow her heart back to her one true love? So many hot scenes in this book. It is totally worth the read and like I said I can't wait to read the next one.

Desiree was born and raised in Iowa – corn country. She married her high school sweetheart and moved to the Philadelphia area after high school and has been happily married for over twenty-five years. She’s the mother of two sons and a daughter. She’s a Project Manager by day, Writer of Erotica by night.

She’s been predisposed to erotica since she was twelve. She was obsessed with sneaking into her parents smut stash in their closet.

Over the past two plus years she’s been working to get her thoughts in print. She finally is writing what she wants to write.

Desiree also enjoys traveling and spending time at the beach.

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Fallen Angel 3 by Tracie Podger Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal photo banner for Fallen Angel 3 by Tracie Podger, featuring a photo of the book cover against a sensual black and white backdrop

FA3-kindlecover copy

Title: Fallen Angel, Part 3

Author: Tracie Podger

Genre: Contemporary romance, Drama, Suspense (sexual content in a romantic context, 18+)


Being married to the dark and dangerous Robert Stone doesn't come without its problems - trust being one of them.

Trusting your average husband means you believe he won't cheat on you. Trusting a man like Robert is accepting that he will kill to protect his family.

Brooke loves her husband - mind, body and soul - she will do whatever is necessary to protect that love.

But what happens when Robert discovers he wants something Brooke can't give him?

This is a story of an extraordinary couple who find the strength to become the people they want to be.

But can they have it all?

A teaser quote from Fallen Angel, Part 3, by Tracie Podger, against a backdrop of a collage depicting the two principal characters

Header for the Author Biography, image of a Fallen Angel

Tracie-Podger-Photo copy 2Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.

Tracie wishes to thank you for giving your time to read her books and hopes you enjoy them as much as she loves writing them. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact her, she would love to hear from you. She will be signing at Peterborough, York, Birmingham and Aberdeen in 2015, and in the U.S. at some 2016 events; drop in if you can and say hello!

A photo teaser quote from Fallen Angel 3, an erotic romance novel by Tracie Podger.

Graphic depiction of a Fallen Angel

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A photo quote depicting a sensual scene from Fallen Angel 3, by Tracie Podger

A depiction of the Fallen Angel graphic

Robert-FinalCover FA1-NewCoverFA2-NewCoverKindle cover Evelyn-3

Kindle Versions - United States Fallen Angel, Part 1 - Amazon Fallen Angel, Part 2 - Amazon Evelyn - Amazon Robert- Amazon Kindle Versions - UK: Fallen Angel, Part 1 - Amazon UK Fallen Angel, Part 2 - Amazon UK Evelyn - Amazon UK Robert - Amazon UK Print Versions - US Fallen Angel, Part 1 - Amazon Fallen Angel, Part 2 - Amazon Evelyn - Amazon Robert - Amazon Print Versions - UK Fallen Angel, Part 1 - Amazon UK Fallen Angel, Part 2 - Amazon UK Evelyn - Amazon UK Robert - Amazon UK

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Release Day & Review Following His heart by Donna Fasano

Following His Heart
by Donna Fasano
Series: Ocean City Boardwalk, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 12, 2014

Sara Carson is a 30-something widow with a busy life. Two fun-loving best friends, a caring mom who needs her, and a thriving sweet shop. What more could a woman want? But when the ancient plumbing in her shop springs a leak and a gorgeous, dark-eyed stranger rushes to her rescue, hilarity unfolds—and Sara quickly sees exactly what she’s been missing.

Something most peculiar draws Landon Richards to Ocean City, Maryland—and to the lovely Sara. This woman touches his heart like no other, and the two of them explore the heady attraction that pulses between them. But haunting dreams have a way of encroaching on reality, and the strange phenomenon that brings these two together will also threaten to tear them apart.

This is the first book in the Ocean City Boardwalk Series, where life for three enterprising women, Sara, Heather, and Cathy, isn't just fun in the sun—love is waiting on those sandy shores!

Tabitha's Review
 Wow.. Another fabulous book to add yo your collection by Donna Fasano.  Such a sweet and sentimental book.This book takes place in Ocean City , Maryland where three friends Cathy, Heather and Sara try to keep their shops afloat. Sara is rescued from a disaster by newcomer Landon who happened to be from the Midwest. Things seemed to be happening fast and feelings were stirring up towards Landon.  Sara was a little scared could she be falling for Landon this fast? Could Landon possibly feel the same way about her? With out giving too much away you find out how Landon overcame a surgery and found himself yearning to be near the ocean. Little did her know that his heart would take him.

Crystal's Review:
We never really know how much we have until it's gone. No one understands that better than Susan. Her husband passed away after many loving years of marriage, and she's left with grief and pain that seems so real. That is, until Logan, a complete stranger comes into her life. Logan has had his share of heartache as well, especially when his farm was sold, that was his entire life. He packed a bag and headed to Ocean City, and then he met Susan. Something seems to be going on inside Logan though, it's like he knows her, but he's not quite sure how, and the flashes of the sunny beach, the familiar smells, why does he keep feeling this way? Will Susan finally be done with her grief? Will Logan figure out what's going on within him? Will Susan and Logan be a perfect match for each other? A true story of romance, this book draws you in to the lives of the people within the story. You laugh, you cry, and you learn to love again.

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USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fasano has written over 30 romance and women's fiction books that have sold 4 million copies worldwide. Her books have won numerous awards and have been published in nearly 2 dozen languages.