Sunday, March 29, 2015

Destroyed by Aimee Shaye

Jade is a ten thousand year old vampire whose life was shattered by a curse from the Fates and a brother who took their words seriously. In an instant the lives of his friends and family were jeopardized and ruined. His twin brother, Corbin, took away the only girl that Jade ever loved, his fiancée Eliza. After her death, Jade turned away from humans and turned toward revenge.
When Jade has a vision of the girl around the corner dying in the hands of his brother, he has only two choices: save her, or let her turn rogue and ruin the world forever.
Will he save her or will he let the world burn?

Sami's Review:
Nature over nurture? Fate or freewill? What really shapes our lives and the paths we choose? Many millennia ago there were twin sons born Jade and Corbin. Both were loved and cherished by their parents, until a whispered prophesy stating that while one son would destroy the world the other would be its savior reached the ears of not only their parents but their entire village. With just a whisper everyone’s perspective changed on these two boys. When the village is attacked by vampires Corbin sees no reason not to embrace his badness since everyone has already condemned him as the destroyer, why not embrace it? For thousands of years Jade has tried to bring his brother down and stop him from doing what the prophesy foretold. Having already lost that which was most precious to him centuries ago Jade lives only to bring his brother down. He keeps everyone at arm’s length and vows to never love again. With one look at Avery he knows he is in trouble. He is drawn to her in ways he cannot explain. Avery has just recently moved to get away from not only an unhealthy relationship but one with a vampire none the less. What Jade and Avery don’t know is that their lives were intertwined long before they met by none other than Corbin. When Corbin sets his sights on destroying Avery Jade comes to the rescue and things get harrier from that point on. Now that Corbin knows Avery is under his brothers protection he will stop at nothing to not only unleash hell on earth but take that which his brother holds dear from him once again. Will Jade be able to keep Avery safe and stop his brother once and for all? Or will Corbin succeed in bringing hell on earth and destroying all Jade holds dear once again? 

About the Author:

Aimee Shaye is a 21 year old self-published author who lives in New York. Her first novel, Destroyed, was released on October 31, 2014 (two months early) and is the first book in The Chronicles of the Seven Sons (CSS) series. She is currently working on an erotica trilogy (Each book will be released in between the books of CSS series).

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