Saturday, April 25, 2015

Release Blitz DADDY KNOWS BEST by Vincent Drake

Title : Daddy Knows Best 
Author : Vincent Drake 
Genre : Erotica 

*Warning - although this novella is entirely consensual, it contains sexual practices some readers may find offensive. It is a step-romance containing punishment and discipline, double penetration, group sex and some arguably seedy roleplay. All characters are responsible adults, but please read at your own risk. Most certainly 18+*

"You've been a very, very, naughty girl, Georgia Catherine Tate." 

Spoiled little rich girl, Georgia, has it all. Showered in gifts by a jet setter mother who's never home, her pretty little ass has received far too much kissing, and far too little spanking. 

But that's all about to change… 

Andrew Priestley may be saintly by name, but certainly not by nature. When marrying Cynthia Tate to a backdrop of sun, sea and sangria after a holiday romance, he wasn't aware that living with her petulant 20 year old daughter would drive him quite so close to insanity. 

He'll teach Georgia some manners, and he'll teach her good. 

Spare the rod and spoil the child, that's what Andrew Priestley believes. And after all... Daddy knows best.

Sami's Review:
Andrew Priestly was down on his luck and about to lose everything when he married Cynthia Tate. Even going into the marriage knowing exactly what was in it for both of them did nothing to prepare him for the temptation Cynthia’s daughter Georgia would become to him. Georgia Tate has always wanted a dad but nothing prepared her for Andrew. Georgia is not your typical twenty year old, rich, spoiled and used to having men bow at her feet, Andrew poses a different kind of challenge to her. The things that run through her mind when envisioning Andrew would leave most people sick and revolted but she knows he is the only one who could possibly give her everything she has been looking for. Andrew has some sick and twisted fantasies about Georgia but is he willing to cross that line? We are talking about his step daughter here after all. The steam rises off the pages as these two fulfill their wildest and darkest desires. 

Vincent Drake loves nothing more than a decent scotch and the pretty pink blush on a submissive's backside. A real life dom, with over ten year's experience in bondage and discipline, he's hoping the reading public will enjoy his stories as much as he enjoys crafting them.


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