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Release Day Blitz & Review -Heart Mates by Mary Hughes

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New Release
Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon Book One) Mary Hughes
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon, Book 1)

Witch plus wolf? They’re allergic. Except no one told their hearts.

Shifters and witches? Forbidden on pain of death. Might as well stick a fork in a light socket. Yet those are the kind of sparks witch princess Sophia Blue feels when she meets wolf shifter Noah in her aunt’s bookstore.

But Sophia is stuck. Her aunt is missing and Noah, the last person to see her, is Sophia’s only hope. If not for that and her aunt’s new, cute little doggie, Sophia would run as far as she could from the sexy, hard-hewn alpha.

Noah’s stuck too. Before disappearing, the aunt hit him with a hex gone horribly wrong—he’s the doggie. By day he’s fifteen pounds of yippity-yip, and with five anti-alpha wolves nipping at his heels, that’s deadly dangerous. Only Sophia can help him, but she has lost her magic.

Then an evil mage from Sophia’s past shows up with murder on his mind, and all Noah’s instincts shout to protect the woman his misguided heart thinks is his mate.

Warning: Sinfully sexy alpha thrown together with a hot witch in a small town. Sass, sparkle, a meddling aunt, snafus, growling, fighting, and oh yeah, sex. Might want to get up to date on your shots.

Sami's Review:
Sophia was once a very powerful witch but then something happened to make her question her use of magic. So she decided to cut her magic off and become a normal person. When she gets a call saying that her aunt is in trouble she rushes home to see what she could do to help. All she finds is a burglarized store and a cute little pooch. Determined to find her aunt Sophia presses on and learns pretty quickly that she may need magic to fix this. When Noah went to Linda he never expected she would hex him. This is why he hates witches but when he sees Sophia he is instantly drawn to her. Witch or not his Wolf wants to claim her. When Sophia finds out that her new furry little friend is actually Noah, the pack alpha and man she lusts after like no other, she is floored not only by the lie but by the fact that her Aunt hexed him. With enemies attacking on all fronts is a race to see if they can remove the hex and get Sophia’s magic back before it is too late. Will Sophia be able to reverse Noah’s hex in time? What secrets is Noah hiding that makes this hex more complex in him? How will the Council react to a witch and a shifter doing the forbidden? Can what started out as a hex really turn into love? 
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