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Beautiful Perfection, by D. M. Brittle

Title: Beautiful Perfection
Author: D. M. Brittle
Sequel to: Beautifully Unbroken
Genre: Contemporary Adult Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2015


Book cover for Beautiful Perfection, a contemporary adult romance novel by D. M. BrittleWe all fell in love with Blake and Jo in Beautifully Unbroken as we took the long and sometimes painful journey with them to find out if happiness really can exist without pain. We left them at Christmas in their new home, everything was perfect and the future looked set to be amazing as they began a new life in a new home and were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their babies. Re-join them both in Beautiful Perfection where their journey continues. Follow them both as they return to New York to find that things aren't exactly how they left them. Did Sara survive her injuries so Jo can get her justice? Was Cooper hiding a deep secret that would prove vital as Jo desperately tries to put the pieces together from what happened to her in the summer? And can Blake handle it when for the first time in his life he is unable to fix something when it is broken? Find out in Beautiful Perfection.

Sami's Review:
Jo and Blake have been through hell and back for the past year and are finally on the road to their happily ever after. Jo pregnant with twins and engaged to the man of her dreams couldn't be happier and she has finally let go of the idea that happiness comes with a price. Blake is constantly in awe of how far Jo has come and always trying to make sure that she has everything she could ever want. Christmas in London and having the whole family there is just the beginning. Though they are both dreading what awaits for them on their return to New York they are stronger than ever and ready to face anything. I mean the worst has already come and gone right? Wrong , when Julia finds out that she is sick and Jo has some minor issues with her pregnancy Blake begins to freak out! He is the fixer yet these things are out of his control. Jo wants to be there for him but he just keeps pushing her away. After everything that they have gone thru is this what will finally break them? Not the psycho who was out to hurt Jo but Blake's insecurities are what will end them? Can Jo get through to Blake and finally be there for him? Will Blake's biggest fears come true and he will lose everyone and everything he loves? Will the psycho Sarah finally win in the end? A book with endless ups and down that will leave you crying, laughing, cursing and wanting more!


“Hi,” I said as I stood in the doorway, Jo’s body visibly tensed as she stopped what she was doing but didn’t turn to face me. “Can we talk?” “I’m doing something,” she replied quietly. As she began fiddling once again with a blanket, her body stiffened further. “Jo, please turn around and look at me.” Jo continued to make the cribs up and remained silent until she had placed all of the bedding neatly into the cribs. “What do you want to talk about, Blake? The fact that you missed our appointment? Or the fact that I don’t even know who you are anymore?” “Both,” I replied honestly. Jo turned slowly to face me, I could see that she had been crying at some point, her eyes were now dry but the signs were visible. I took a few steps towards her, she had needed me and I hadn’t been here for her. “Don’t.” She said firmly, “I don’t even know who you are anymore Blake, so I don’t want you coming over here and holding me like you care when you clearly don’t.” She snapped. “Jo, it isn’t like that.” I said gently. “What has happened to us Blake? How did we end up like this when only a couple of weeks ago we were so happy and so close? I can’t stand the fact that we have become so distant at a time when we should be so close to each other. You have shut me out of your life, Blake. We can’t continue this way, I can’t continue this way, and as much as I love you Blake, I can’t help think that we would be better off spending some time apart.” Jo’s voice hitched as she finished her sentence.
sad woman in depression and despair crying on black dark background
“I am trying to protect you Jo,” I said, trying to remain calm. “Protect me from what, Blake? Please tell me, because I have absolutely no idea what or who it is that I need protecting from!”
“Me!” I yelled, finally ready to let my emotions take over. “That is what I am trying to protect you from Jo; I am trying to protect you from me because I am losing control! Damn it Jo, I have already lost control! The two people who I love more than anything are both suffering and it is out of my control, and it is killing me that I have no way of controlling the outcome. I am the fixer Jo; I am the person who always knows what to do to make things better, but now? Now I don’t have a clue what I am going to do to help anyone, I want to help both of you, I want to take away any problems, any risks and any danger that both you and my mother face but the fact that I can’t? I hate myself so much because I have let you both down! The whole thing has been building over time, and I now realize that everything bad that has happened has all been my fault and the way that I am going to be punished is by having you and my mother taken away from me. Don’t you see that?”

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About the Author

Author Donna Brittle
D. M. Brittle has always been a true believer in love at first sight, fairy-tales and happy ever afters. That is, after all, what she found when she met her husband of 15 years when they were just 16 years old. Although fairy-tales, love at first sight and happy ever afters don't always exist, Donna believes that there is no better way to get lost in those fantasies than in a good heartwarming, romantic book. Writing Blake and Jo's story became such a passion for Donna that she would often wake during the night with an idea that she was so afraid to forget, she would dash out of bed, waking the whole house just to make sure that she didn't miss any opportunities in their journey. When Donna isn't writing she is working part-time while looking out for her two princesses, Willow and Scarlett whilst also being the perfect wife to her husband."

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