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Positive/Negativity by D.D. Lorenzo

When Opposites Attract... 

Aria Cole and Declan Sinclair are as opposite as positive is to negative. They have one thing in common; their love of being near the ocean. 

When Aria escapes to a beach house to heal after a devastating loss she comes face to face with an interesting man. 

Declan Sinclair has traveled the world. He uses his body as well as his mind in the fast paced Modeling industry. As he ages in a profession that favors youth, Declan retreats to his home at the beach to form a strategy for the future. His interest is piqued by a solitary woman who sits daily within his view. 

Can Aria see through her sorrow to accept the kindness of a handsome stranger? 

Will Declan decelerate his fast paced life to enjoy the company of a blue eyed girl? 

Would evil in the heart of a narcissistic rival threaten a seed before it's sown? 

The account of the story of Aria and Declan challenges us to solve an interesting riddle: Can Positive results be propelled as a result of a Negative circumstance? 

Declan and Aria explosively chronicle the positive and negative aspects of the emotions that affect us all...

Sami's Review:
Aria is broken, she recently lost her father and not knowing how to deal with the loss she goes to a beach cabin to regroup and heal. Daily walks on the beach and the gentle sounds of the ocean soon have Aria feeling more at peace. One morning she looks up and finds that a very attractive gentleman is sitting on his porch drinking a cup of coffee and observing her. Instead of feeling alarmed like most would when discovering such a thing she feels things she hasn’t in a long time and knows for sure that she is on the road to recovery. Declan is a model and has just recently started thinking about slowing down and doing something else with his life. The first step in his plan is to get a beach house and finally settle down in one place. Once he is in his new home he notices that a very attractive young woman walks the beach daily and she is breath taking. Declan watches for weeks trying to come up with a plan to finally meet this stunning woman. Once Aria and Declan finally get started there is no stopping the unbelievable and breath taking love that they come to gain with one another. Yet as in every fairytale you have to have a malicious, hideous, delusional and depraved force that will try to tear their happiness apart. Marisol is known as the most beautiful woman in the world. She is sought after by all and used to getting who and what she wants whenever she wants. SO when her advances on Declan seem to fail she is NOT happy. The lengths that this woman goes to will leave you wanting to beat her like a red headed step child then lock her up for good. The different POV’s on this novel make it well rounded, the emotions drawn you in and wont let go even after you turn the last page. Eagerly anticipating the next novel!

DD Lorenzo
Author Biography
DD Lorenzo challenges her readers through her “Depth of Emotions” series. Her novels reach deep into the heart of readers and challenges them through the emotions of her characters.

DD currently resides in Maryland, “The Land of Pleasant Living”. She met “MM”, the love of her life, in high school. Together, they have an eclectic, crazy and amazing family. When she isn't writing, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include long lunches with good friends, and spending time with the people in her life. Riding in her husband's classic Mustang to the Eastern Shore is a particular favorite!

"Positive/Negativity" lays the groundwork for the series, and is the first in the "Depth of Emotion" books. It is the only one with a cliffhanger (she promises!) and concludes with Book two, “Selective/Memory”. She has planned five books for the series. Books three, four and five are individual stories of characters introduced in Book one.
DD is currently writing "Here/Now", Carter's story, which is Book 3 in the series, planned for release 2014. The remaining two books, “Same/Difference” and “Beauty is a Bitch” are planned for 2015.

D D Lorenzo’s contact information:
Twitter: @d_d_lorenzo
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