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Release Day Blitz& #Giveaway Savage Fire by Kathleen Kelly

Title: Savage Fire
Series: Savage Angels MC #2
Author: Kathleen Kelly
 Release Date: May 29, 2015


Emily Reynolds, estranged sister to Dane Reynolds, President of the Savage Angels MC, has just lost her father.  He was not a caring man and inflicted suffering on his family.  Dane abandoned her and her mother years ago, leaving them alone to deal with a brutal man who never showed any love or mercy.  Emily wants Dane to feel the pain she felt, she wants him to suffer as she did and decides to make the long drive to see him.

Salvatore Agostino, captain in the Abruzzi crime family is also on his way to see Dane Reynolds. A ruthless businessman, he is fiercely loyal to his family and his men.  A chance encounter brings him face to face with Emily.

These two meet and their attraction grows into a love that neither could have anticipated.

Will they be able to overcome the turmoil that awaits them or will their love be destroyed by forces beyond their control?

Sami's Review:
Kat and Dane seem to have won one battle only to enter into another war. One that was started without their knowledge of their involvement. Salvatore (Sal) is a Captain of an Italian mob family and it seems that since Kat’s mom has passed someone has taken it upon themselves to break their agreement. He goes to Tourmaline under the assumption that the Family is sending him to fix the issue when in fact it is so much more nefarious. Emily has just had to sit by and watch her father take his last breath. Angry she takes off without any planning to find her brother Dane and give him a piece of her mind. Along the way she runs into trouble and Sal is there to save her. When Sal first sees Emily he can’t believe such a innocent seems like a magnet for trouble. Once they reach tourmaline and their identities are revealed so much more is at stake. Just when Dean finds his sister is in town he also learns she is associating with someone from the Mob and she vanishes. Can they find Emily before it is too late? Will the things that Kat’s mother set in motion be the end of it all? Can Sal really have a relationship with the one person who is his “enemies” sister? 

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I am completely overwhelmed. My core is on fire and I want so much to kiss him, to touch him. I feel sparks of electricity shoot through every fiber in my body and every nerve ending is screaming for release. I want his hands on me, all over me.


I put my hands on his chest and push him away. He’s too close, making it hard to form a single thought. I take two steps to the side to put some distance between us so I can speak like a human, not a lust induced zombie. “Yes, they towed my car and it’s in their lot. I haven’t really spoken to them about it yet. I kind of fell asleep on them…”

His face clouds over and he says, “You kind of fell asleep on them? What. Does. That. Mean?” He pauses between each word and growls them at me.

“Jonas took me to see Doc Jordan and he gave me something for the pain, but because I hadn’t slept in days it made me sleepy. I think he ended up carrying me to their clubhouse.” I realize how all this must sound. If someone told me that exact same story, I would be thinking the worst.

“Did they touch you, Amare?” he growls at me, his eyes blazing with anger.

“No, no, no! In fact, Jonas put a guard on my door so no one would go near me. Not that they would. I was safe, Sal.” Something crosses his face and he stares at me so intently that I look away and stare at the floor. He moves back into my space and lifts my head up. “Thank you for getting me coffee. Let’s go have breakfast and I’m buying. I think I shall keep you in my sights to make sure nothing else happens to you. I have never met a woman who allows herself to get into so many dangerous situations, in such a short space in time. You, my Amare, are a handful.” He moves away from me and does up his shirt, then grabs his jacket. He opens the door to his room and extends his arm. “Shall we?” he asks, offering me a smile that reveals his dimple. My core clenches again and I have to fight the urge to throw myself at him.
Sami's Review:
Katarina (Kat) Saunders has been in the public eye since the tender age of twelve. With the voice of a Goddess and a great band to back her up they have hit the top charts quite a few times. She also has the reputation of being a wild child and always on the move. When The Grinders finish their last gig on their year round tour they all go out to celebrate but none of them know that everything is about to change. When Kat takes off after trying to break up with her boyfriend Gareth she ends up in an accident that ends her career and causes everyone in The Grinders to take a new look at their lives. Kat holes herself up in her mother’s house. The day of her accident she lost so much more than just her career and she is not looking to be in the lime light again anytime soon. When she runs int a smoking hot man on her little stretch of the mountain she is gob smacked from the get go. Dane has been watching Kat for some time just waiting for her to come and meet him and his boys. Her mother meant so much to them that they now feel loyal towards Kat. The more he gets to know Kat the harder he falls. When a horrendous crime in Kat’s own home leaves her and the town in turmoil he is determined to keep her safe, even if it’s from herself. With the reinforcements of his MC and her band and manager he thinks he has it pretty much cover. When Kat goes missing in LA no one is more torn up than Dane is. Can Dane get to Kat in time? Will he lose her before he gets to tell her how he feels? Will a blast from her past destroy them all? Can Kat have finally found her happiness again to lose it all to some lunatic’s idea of love? 

Author Bio

Kathleen Kelly was born in Penrith, NSW, Australia. When she was four her family moved to Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Although born in NSW she considers herself a QUEENSLANDER!!

She married her childhood sweetheart and they live in Brisbane with their two furry kids. A British Short Hair called Grace and a Burmese called Jack.

Kathleen enjoys writing contemporary, romance novels with a little bit of erotica. She draws her inspiration from family, friends and the people around her. She can often be found in cafes writing and observing the locals.

If you have any questions about her novels or would like to ask Kathleen a question she can be contacted via e-mail: or she can be found on Facebook.

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