Monday, May 18, 2015

Roar Of Smoke Promo & Review

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Sami's Review: 
Tressida has always been different from others but not until the threat of invasion were the reasons why started to be revealed to her. Though her parents were not around to raise her she never lacked for love from her Gran. When she witnesses her Gran doing something that she has ever seen before and is then forced to flee the only home she has ever known, she does so with more questions than answers. While trekking through the land to reach Siblan; Tressida learns many new things about herself and this power that she contains within. She is terrified of what lies within her for the only thing she has seen it do is harm and bring danger to those she holds dear. All she ever wanted in life was to be around horses. Once they returned to the land she had hope but even that is quickly taken away from her. How can she ever settle down and do what she loves when she is being hunted down on all sides? The Crones want her dead and the Sages want to use her. Who can she trust? Will she be able to handle all that is thrown at her and still come out alive and sane? Can she learn to wield her powers in time to save herself and before she really does become Cirq’s Doom?

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Candace said...

HI Sami, Thanks for getting out the word about The Roar of Smoke and for your beautiful review! I appreciate it. I saw your review on Goodreads. Do you also post to Amazon? Your site looks great. Thanks again, Candace