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Surviving Harmony (Pretty Wings Chronicles, #1) by A.F Diamond

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Surviving Harmony
(Pretty Wings Chronicles, #1)
by A.F Diamond

May 11th- May 21st

The author…

Aislin Somers walks through life haunted by the monsters of a past she can’t escape. For twelve years she has shut herself off from the real world, but her rising success as an author forces her into the spotlight where she’ll have to face her fears. Will shedding her anonymity and stepping out of the shadows allow a New Monster to find a way to her doorstep?

The actor…

Taylor Mandrake is a rising star. Often spotted with several of Hollywood’s sexiest starlets, he’s developed a reputation as a bit of a playboy—willing to share his bed but never his heart. Until he meets her.

He’s everything she could ever want.

However, his past may be all it takes to convince Aislin that he can’t be trusted with her fragile heart.

When these two guarded souls come together, will they be able to survive the monsters of their pasts in order to embrace the love of their future?

Sami's Review:

Darkness and monsters are real none of us can have any doubt of that all we have to do is turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper and its right there before us. While we all want to believe we live in a world where racism and prejudice don’t exist we know we are fooling no one but ourselves with this little fantasy. Aislin has lived through a hell that no on should have to endure but live she does. She carries the weight and the guilt of what happened to her when she was fourteen and wears it as a shroud. She hides herself from the world and fears letting others in for good reason. Yet the time has come for her come out of her self imposed bubble and meet the world head on. Aislin is an accomplished writer and also manages a company with the help of her best friend and life line Jason. Jason being the flamboyant gay brother she has always been able to lean on, the only one who knows what happened to her that has her so broken and even he doesn’t know all of it. When Aislin meets Taylor she starts to feel alive again and for someone like her that is scarier than anything else. Taylor has never been so drawn to anyone in his life. While he knows Aislin is beautiful on the outside the beauty he finds within her is like his light at the end of a dark tunnel that has been his life since coming to LA. Everyone has things in their past they are ashamed of and want to hide forever. The saying that your past always catches up to you is so true for both of these characters. There are always people out to hurt you and destroy not only you but all that you love and hold dear. The test of true love and friendship comes when all the secrets are revealed and either that person stands by you or runs. Can Aisiln finally let go of her guilt and look towards a future filled with love and happiness? When the past comes crawling out of the woodwork with harmful intent will Taylor ad Aisilin be able to weather the storm? A very emotional book that will leave you breathless. 

SNEAK PEEK: Surviving Harmony: Prologue

January 7, 2002
Harmony, NE
Darkness is defined as the absence or lack of light.

At this very moment, that definition not only describes my surroundings, it describes me. The fact that I’m still breathing is the only light in my life that’s left.  Everything else feels dark. Dead.

I’ve been pulling against the rope so long, I can no longer feel my wrists. All I feel is the wetness dripping down my arm. I don’t know if the darkness is due to the time of day or just the fact that I cannot open my eyes since my face was used as a punching bag by the monsters keeping me in my own private version of hell.

I lie here shivering on the cold concrete floor, and no longer count the seconds going by. I no longer pray for a savior that I know isn’t coming. I simply bask in the nothingness.

I never would have thought that I would long to feel numb, but after being subjected to so much pain, my brain has short circuited and now I feel nothing—and feeling nothing is much better than what I’ve endured for the last two days. Wait . . . has it been two or three days? I’ve lost concept of time. I’m just happy that the monsters have gone away and left me in my darkness. Although I doubt it was their intent, to gift me the quiet. It is a dark paradise I revel in.

We grow up with “stranger danger” drilled into our heads. We learn to fear the stranger who offers candy to lure us to some unknown hideout to do despicable things.Strangers will hurt us and steal us away from our families. Strangers attack ladies who go for jogs alone. Strangers are monsters who possess the power to hurt us.

But the monster that lured me away didn’t need candy. The lure was acceptance, love, things I thought my friend was offering.

That’s the problem with “stranger danger:” nothing is ever edified about fearing the monsters we know. The people who live among us, gain our trust and use it against us, doing far worse than any stranger ever could.

I learned this lesson a little too late.

I understand God punishing me for my stupidity. My mother always said I was too trusting. My sister Tangy used the word innocent. I can accept my fate because maybe I deserve this for being so naïve, and trusting whatever I’m told. But why, oh why, did she have to follow me? Now they are teaching us both lessons we will never forget. I just pray we will get the chance to learn from them. I pray we live through this experience so history will never be forced to repeat itself. If I am ever able to get out of this place, trust will only be granted to the deserving, if it’s granted at all. If I try really hard, maybe I can focus on finding a way out of this hell.

Warm air blows against my skin, and though I should welcome it, I don’t. Whenever the warm air returns, so do they.

I try to mentally prepare myself for what’s next. I know I can’t stop whatever they have planned but I can retreat to that place in my head where I don’t feel much. If I survive this I know one thing for certain, I will never let my guard down again. I won’t be so trusting and naïve. I will never leave myself open for another monster to deceive me.

Surviving Harmony
Copyright © 2015 by A.F. Diamond

A.F. Diamond is a pen name for a lavender loving, elephant collecting, tea drinking, wine sipping, book hoarder, who woke up one morning and said, “Gee, I think I’ll write a book.” She’s always had a passion for reading. It wasn’t until recently that her love of escaping into the pages of a great novel, sparked her desire to write them as well. A.F. Diamond lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her sports loving, playing, and coaching husband. She is blessed to be a mom to an inquisitive, dancing Princess and a rambunctious, athletic little Prince. She is also blessed to be “bonus-mom” to two amazing teenage girls.
When A.F. Diamond isn’t writing, she enjoys drawing with her daughter, reading, playing video games with her son, reading, cuddling on the sofa with her husband, reading, crocheting, reading, being a football-basketball-dance-Mom, and did I mention how much she loves reading?

If you enjoyed Surviving Harmony, I hope you will continue to read future releases in the Pretty Wings Chronicles.

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