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The Guilt-free Guide book for Moms

Written by a veteran mother of nine still up to her eyeballs in mud pies and mayhem, The
Guilt-Free Guidebook for Moms is sure to keep you tickled, tearing up and turning pages as you
learn how to break free of the chokehold of an endless To-Do list, so you can finally enjoy the
beauty that is all around you.
Brimming with baby steps, The Guilt-Free Guidebook for Moms will help you:
• Eliminate guilt and perfectionism
• Identify the “Superwoman Burnout” cycle that keeps you trapped in monotony
• Escape the “Compare Snare” to shine in your own light
• Finally and fully embrace the Joy cradled in your arms and in your heart.

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Amy Price loves to create, write, and dream in and around managing the chaos generated by
her amazing husband, their nine children and their lively homeschooling lifestyle. Amy
considers herself a “recovering addict” where babies are concerned. She just can’t get
enough. Her hobbies include preserving memories, quantum physics, designing wild and
delicious cakes, and death by pasta. Her kids and their friends consider her everything from
hilarious to crazy, and she just gets better with age.
From only child to “CEO” of a bustling household, one constant in Amy’s life has been her love
of writing. Team that with her natural draw to children and studying at the Institute for
Children’s Literature became a given. Amy and her family currently terrorize the Rocky
Mountains of Idaho, but she looks forward to sharing her message of Joy around the world.
With a wealth of ideas from self-helps to coaching programs, mysteries to fantasy novels, you
never know what Amy will come out with next, but it is sure to revolve around her continuous
message of love, family and joy.

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When was the last time this happened to you?
It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining happily down on everything and everyone, including you. You have a blanket spread out on the thick, green grass. It is soaking up the warmth from the sun with every second, inviting you to stretch out and bask it all in. The breeze ruffles your hair, tickling your temples. The fresh scent of cut grass mingle with pine needles from the park’s manicure earlier in the day.
You look up at your kids playing on the park play set nearby, and you can’t help but chuckle. They are just so stinking cute, playing there together. Their giggling floats away on the wind. You pick up your book with a sigh - content. But just as you settle in, bare toes curling in the grass, you feel it. It starts as a slight tremor up the back of your neck. Then it slithers down your spine. You feel like you’re being watched. Unease flutters in the pit of your stomach, and you just can’t sit still.
Finally you get the nerve to peek over your shoulder, and there it is! Guilt! Big, fat, ugly, hairy,
scary guilt! And it is there for you. It won’t let you rest. It won’t let you relax. It stares at you, demanding your attention. Then you hear it whispering to you. You know what it says….
“What do you think you are doing? You can’t be here. You can’t relax. You have too much to do. Who do you think you are? You are the MOM. You aren’t allowed to have fun. What about the cleaning? What about the laundry? What about that project? What about his homework assignment? What about the dinner party in two days? Shouldn’t you be making 150,000 hand-stamped bookmarks for Sunday’s lesson? Shouldn’t you be getting on those five dozen custom-decorated cupcakes for scouts? When are you ever going to finish that dress (or scrapbook or clock or doily or whatever it is still taking up room in “that closet”)? What makes you think you can take a break?”
Please tell me I am not the only one who can hear it so vividly!
For over twenty years, I have wrestled with this pesky, little bugger. With nine children, being a stay-at-home mom, a recovering perfectionist and a homeschooler to boot, I probably have had more than my own fair share of guilt. (Haven’t we all?) But guilt is the big, bad arch-nemesis of Joy. Joy is my all-time, absolute favorite word, and it is, I believe, the ultimate reason of why we are here. “…and men are that they might have joy.1”
But as the years have gone by ~ as more children have arrived, more responsibilities, more things coming up in my life, it has become harder and harder for me to brush guilt aside and just sit still. After all, there is school to teach, meals to make, chores to do & check, callings to magnify, a home to put in order, fires to put out and lives to touch. Life is busy. Life is demanding. Life has a way of swooping in and carrying me away on the retreating tide … leaving me lost and wondering how on earth I ever got here. It used to be that I never could just sit. I had to be doing something. Be it organizing something, reading to someone, or planning out my next move, I had to be working towards something. If I sat with nothing to do, my mind would be racing through a never-ending to-do list, and guilt would set in. Slowing down for a migraine (stress-induced, of course) left me agonizing over the wasted day.
I wasn’t always like that, though. When I was younger, I could sit for hours. I grew up an only child for the first ten years of my life, and I had a lot of alone time. I became a people-watcher. I could watch and think forever. In fact, my favorite pastime was to turn my music way up, sit in a rocking chair and rock away. It was cleansing and calming for me. And I would just … think.
That is what Mary, the mother of the Savior, did, I think.
Luke 2: 19, 51
But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. … but [Mary] kept all these sayings in her heart. And she had so many grand and extraordinary things to think about. She was visited by angels, conceived a child of God through the power of the Holy Ghost, and was fulfilling prophecy that would free ALL mankind. She was randomly visited by strangers, from shepherds to kings. She got to see, first hand, the difference between ‘boys just being boys’ and the Son of God living entirely without sin. She had the agonizing “opportunity” to actually Lose the Son of God – for three days – only to have Him brush it aside, knowing He was in His Father’s hands and ‘about His Father’s business.’
Can you imagine the thoughts going through her head during those three days?! I would have been a Wreck!! I mean it is bad enough to lose your son – which I have done, for about three minutes, and I mildly FREAKED OUT. But to lose the Messiah?! How are you supposed to explain that one away?
Yeah, I would have been dying in each passing minute – for Three Days. Then think of all the ponder-time a donkey ride into Egypt would afford. Fearing for your sacred child’s life. Wondering if you would ever see your family in Galilee again. Marveling on three kings randomly showing up right before your family was to flee for your son’s life, each baring very expensive and highly valuable gifts.
But it was at these times we are told that Mary “pondered these things, and kept them in herheart.”
I have since learned to ponder again. I still have times when it is difficult to relax and take in the moment. I have to pull myself out of ‘headless-chicken mode’ and focus ~ get centered. I still have times when I let the unnerving monster of guilt rear its ugly head and breathe down my neck. Yet I have learned so very much about fending him off, and that is what this book is about.
In this book you will learn the many facets of letting go of guilt, layer by layer. Releasing that death-grip (or chokehold) we, as mothers, tend to claim for ourselves and never emancipate ourselves from, thinking we need permission. Well my beautiful friend, I am here to tell you that we have permission – the ultimate permission – to save guilt for sin.
Come with me as I share with you the solace I have found in the scriptures. Come see the treasures that have bolstered me over the years. Come feel the immense love our Lord and Savior have for you, the reverence He holds for your sacred calling, and the bounteous support He provides.
Ponder Them in Your Heart
Before we get started, let me introduce you to your calling card to a guilt-free life. Because the life of a mother is not one of immense free time and leisure, I tried to arrange this guidebook with your busy lifestyle in mind. You will see the material is broken down into short, easy-to-read chapters, but there are many more features to help you along the way.
First of all, the book is also divided into very special sections. These sections will help you delve deeper, step by step, within yourself so as to cleanse the guilt more fully with a more lasting effect.
Beginning by “Scratching the Surface” with your physical well-being, you will have help addressing guilt around body image and be introduced to the “superwoman burnout” cycle. Moving on to your emotional level in “‘Mood’ Over Guilt,” you will learn tips and techniques for handling perfectionism and be gifted with an emotional tool box. Understanding your own individual worth and the “compare snare” are outlined in – what else – the social level (“Do Unto Others”). Then lighten your burden, as well as explore what it is you really want in “Guilt Down Deeper” (the mental level).
Then, finally, find a deeper faith and purpose within your spiritual level in “And Deeper Still.” It is my firm belief that nothing we experience is ‘either/or’ within these areas. Everything we go through in this life is felt, to some degree, on each of these five levels.
Another feature you will find as you read through this book is that each chapter provides a question to ponder. I urge you to take the time to “be still” and really ponder them.
President Henry B. Eyring said,
“Reading, studying, and pondering are not the same. We read words and we may get ideas. We study and we may discover patterns and connections . . . But when we ponder, we invite revelation by the Spirit.”
So delve into the richness of the Lord’s answers to these questions that are meant just for you.
Treasure these answers in your heart. Feel a true enlightenment transpire in your life.
But knowing without doing gets us nowhere. Along with each question, you will find an action step – a baby step – to get you moving in the right direction. If something more specific to you comes up, then by all means, follow your personal inspiration. But do take action. These action steps will give you the opportunity to create an actual change in your life … increasing your wisdom, expounding your joy and magnifying your glory.

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Amy said...

Hey Beautiful, Sorry I didn't get the chance to thank you yet. I was out of town and offline. But thank you so much for sharing my book. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet your readers and to share this book with any moms out there wanting to have less guilt in their lives. Thanx & Loves!!