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Dead Girl Walking by Ruth Silver.

Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper Book 1)
AUTHOR: Ruth Silver
GENRE: Young Adult, Paranormal


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Forget everything you know about grim reapers.

Princess Ophelia Dacre sneaks out of the castle to visit her boyfriend in secret. A perfect night cut short when she’s brutally murdered.

Ophelia is given the rare chance to become a grim reaper. She must become Leila Bele, cut ties with her old life, and follow the rules of the reapers. Her greatest adventure begins with death.

Includes the prequel Ashes to Ashes as a bonus story.

Sami's Review:
Ophelia is a princess and the next in line to take the throne of   Casmerelda and is also betrothed to Prince Astin. However she does not love him, in fact she is in love with another man Larkin and sneaks off on a regular basis to be with him. Larkin has no idea who Ophelia is he only knows her as Leilia. One night while out with Larkin the unthinkable happens and someone ends the princess’s life. One would think death is the end but that is not the case for Ophelia she offered a second chance to continue living just not as herself. She can become a Reaper and continue on in another body with another identity and help reap other souls. Not wanting to die Ophelia accepts the offer to become a reaper yet learns that it may be more than she originally thought. Can she follow all the Reaper rules and leave behind her old life? When she learns that Larkin will be executed can she really Reap his soul? When her sister Mara is in danger can she save her? So many unknowns and adjustments to make to this new way of life will it prove to be too much? Can the other Reaper’s help her find justice? What is Leilia willing to pay to save her sister?  

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“Listen, kid, I don’t care what you believe in. It’s not for me to say what’s true and untrue, real or unreal. My assignment was you. You get to be one of us, if you want it. Otherwise, you move on, life is over, kaput.”

Ophelia backed away from the stranger. For the first time, she realized she didn’t feel cold and wasn’t shivering. Is this what being dead was like? “One of you?”

“A grim reaper.” He held out his hand to properly introduce himself. “Edon Montgomery, head reaper and old soul.”

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Ruth Silver is the best-selling author of the Aberrant trilogy. With a passion for writing and a love of story-telling, Ruth is actively writing two series: Royal Reaper and Orenda. She also writes The Federal Agent Chronicles, an adult romance series under the name Ravyn Rayne for Blushing Books. Her interests include traveling, reading, and photography. Her favorite vacation destination is Australia. Ruth currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois. 

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