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Nightingale by Anthony Karcz

Author: Anthony Karcz
Book: Nightingale
Save the world or die trying.

  Alyson Hopkins can generate force fields and read minds. Ask her about The League, the world’s first superhero team, and she can tell you anything. She knows the founding members and their nemeses. She knows the name of the dragon that nearly destroyed League Tower.
She knows she will never be a part of the team.
Despite moving to Sarasota to be closer to League Headquarters, despite taking a dead-end desk job with The League to get noticed, Alyson is stuck filing the reports of other, less-qualified, heroes day after day.
When the psychic ghost of your dead mother is constantly trying to overtake your mind, it’s hard to get ahead.
But when Magnificent, founder of The League, is nearly killed, Alyson is given the chance to prove herself.
Unfortunately for Alyson, Magnificent resents being forced to rely on a new generation of heroes to counter modern day threats. Magnificent is determined to test the rookies, even if it means killing them in the process.
Can Alyson keep the ghost of her mother at bay long enough to survive?


Sami's Review:

All Alyson has ever wanted was to be part of The League. The band of powers people that keeps the world safe from rouge Powers and further contamination. What she keeps hidden from everyone is that she has a presence that lives inside of her, the malevolent voice of her mother that she constantly fights against, yet not always successfully. When Alyson hears from Johnny that the founder of The League has been put down she blows up! What she thinks will get her locked into containment actually proves to be her ticket to moving up. When Magnificent confronts Alyson about her lies Alyson does not take it well. Going on her first mission is an epic catastrophe, of course why wouldn’t it be; seems the minute she was promoted her evil mother decided to take over the reins. Now Alyson faces the biggest challenge of all. Can she wrest control of herself back from her mother before it is too late? Can she minimize the trauma both to herself and her team members before it becomes irreparable? In a battle of the minds who will come out on top? Does she even stand a chance when other unknown forces are working behind the scenes with plans of their own for her and everyone else? 

Excerpt  – 

First Mission

Carry on Wayward Son blasted over the radio on full volume, drowning out the wind rushing in through the open transport doors. Nightingale yelled over the rush of air.
“Does it have to be so loud?” Again, she resisted the urge to shove the culprit out the open door. “And why can’t we close the doors?”
Treehugger’s shoulders slumped as he rocked back from his perch, his face in the wind. With hair that looked like Spanish moss and skin the color and texture of an old oak tree, his appearance among the chromed metal and blinking LEDs was incongruent at best. He spoke softly, with a sound like branches cracking in the woods, it still managed to cut through the din. “I get claustrophobic and I so rarely get to be up this high. The air is good up here.”
“And the music?”
He shrugged. “We don’t get Kansas where I live.”
“Which is…?”
“Okefenokee Swamp.”
Of course it was. “Why is it you’re here?”
He’s an elemental. He couldn’t be more Florida than if a chunk of swamp grew legs. God.
He shrugged. “I can talk to animals?”
“You’re a walking tree that talks to animals. Seems a bit on the nose, doesn’t it?”
He shrugged again. “Children like me. They think I’m honest.” As he leaned back into the doorway he shot back, “I can tell they’re going to love you.”


Anthony Karcz is the author of the superhero novel, Nightingale. He has spent the past twenty years providing insight and commentary on geek culture and is currently a contributor at Nightingale is his first novel.

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