Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review ... Walker Pride by Bernadette Marie

Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011, along with her other series and single title books. The married mother of five sons promises Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it, because she lives it.

When not writing, Bernadette Marie is shuffling her sons to their many events—mostly hockey—and enjoying the beautiful views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from her front step. She is also an accomplished martial artist with a second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

A chronic entrepreneur, Bernadette Marie opened her own publishing house in 2011, 5 Prince Publishing, so that she could publish the books she liked to write and help make the dreams of other aspiring authors come true too. Bernadette Marie is also the CEO of Illumination Author Events.

  • 1.       What are your inspirations?
    • a.       I’m inspired by everything. I kid you not. The way the leaves look today inspires me as much as a single line in a song. Some days my kids inspire me with their knowledge, other days by the amount of messes they leave around. I’m a grand observer and inspiration is everywhere.
  •  2.   How did you come to write this particular book or series?
    • a.       This series is greatly designed by my readers. When my last series, The Keller Family, drew to an end I asked my readers where the next family should rein from and what their name should be. That was enough to begin to create the Walker Family.
  • 3.      What was the hardest part of writing your book, and how did you overcome it?
    • a.       The hardest part in writing a book for me is staying awake to keep writing when the story is flowing, but my eyes won’t keep open. Yes, I’ve been known to write with my eyes closed. My kids think it’s a funny skill.
  • 4.      What is your writing drive? The power that keeps you going when your writing gets difficult?
    • a.  Writing is my calling—therefore my drive as well. I can always find time to write even with life gets in the way. It is my special super power if you will—or my drug. I have to write every day to keep sane. Luckily, since it is my calling, writing never seems to be difficult for me.


 Susan Hayes moved to Georgia to start the life she wanted to live and build her catering career. On the brink of having everything she ever wanted, Eric Walker and his family happened into her life.

Eric Walker’s life had been quiet, structured, and boring until his uncle gambled away the family’s property and jeopardized Eric’s livelihood. Now midst family secrets learned, someone ruining his business and trying to drive him off his land, he fell in love.

Things will never be the same for them—especially if someone succeeds in destroying the Walker family and killing Eric.


A wonderfully written book of family loss, love, bitterness and happiness. I look forward to reading more of this series. Susie Q has just moved east to Georgia for a chance of a new beginning. She loves to cook and found herself catering for a very large family the Walkers. In walks Eric Walker he takes pride in his ranch and vows he has no room for love or does he? So much has gone wrong in the walker family with the death of his grandfather things start turning upside down. Family turns against family and things start going wrong at the ranch. Eric finds himself more and more needing Susie's comfort and the same goes with Susie needing Eric. Will the family be put back together? Will Susie and Eric find that happily ever after? Be sure to pick up this first book in the Walker Series today!

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