Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shattered by Cassandre Blog Tour with Review

About the book:

Hiding. That’s exactly what movie star Hunter Reynolds has been doing his entire life, preferring to wear a mask made because of his perfected image. An action star, he’s Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor and a real ladies’ man, but prefers the company of men. If discovered, the scandal will end his illustrious career. Unfortunately he has enemies who will stop at nothing to expose him for the man he truly is. While he adores Taylor, his live-in lover and best friend, they aren’t in love and Hunter refuses to be seen in public with him. When Hunter is brutally attacked, he’s uncertain he will ever work in Hollywood again. Sadly, his doctors may be unable to repair the damage. Angry and bitter, Hunter pushes everyone out of his life, including Taylor. Hunter is merely the latest victim in a series of horrific crimes targeting gay entertainers.

MacGyver Donovich is a reporter for the LA Herald, who has written stories on each of the victims, and is anxious to talk with Hunter. From the moment he meets the rough-hewn man who exudes sexuality along with a choking self-loathing, MacGyver is fascinated and a strained friendship develops. Determined to get to the bottom of the attacks, Mac pens a series of edgy columns in an attempt to egg on the perpetrator.
Entering into a pact to hunt down the person responsible, both Mac and Hunter realize it’s only a matter of time before the assailant strikes again. As they grow closer given their respective haunted pasts, a series of new threats are issued and both men are forced to confront their demons. As the race to find the perpetrator ensues, Mac and Hunter finally discover what they’d been missing in life—love. But is it simply too late?
Secrets and lies and whispers of the past…
Never forget.

Sami's Review:
Hunter is a well-known actor with deep dark secret one that he does not want to come out. He has been hiding his true sexual nature for so long that the thought of I getting out is causing his relationship with Taylor to turn bitter. Not only does he have his career to think about but it seems that Hunter is also the target of a madman bent on making all gay me pay and lose the thing they love the most. Mac a reporter who usually does fluff pieces has been working the serial beatings of these gay men and it is hitting a little close to home for him dredging up things in his past he would rather remain buried as well. When Mac is sent to interview Hunter he is shocked at the savagery as well as inexplicably turned on. Hunter sees the hidden pain in Mac’s eyes and is also drawn to him. With a madman on the lose no one is safe. While Mac ties to drawn the guy out he also wants to keep Hunter safe. Trying to uncover the identity of this person is not easy but it must be done. When secrets come out how will their worlds ever be right again? Will the one who is hunting them get his revenge in the end or will they be able to stop him in time? Can these two men who have hidden behind masks for so long finally come out and be themselves? Not only that but can they truly find happiness once and for all? 

About the author: Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors.
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