Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Through Lies And Heartache by WB Amore with Review

Title: Through Lies and Heartache Author: WB Amore Genre: New Adult Tour Host: DRC Promotions


What once started as a trio of friends has turned into heartache and secrets.
Gracie is stuck in a world that she is not sure where she belongs. Ryan and Liam have always been by her side, but all that has changed. Ryan keeps warning her of Liam for reasons he has yet to share. Liam is finally coming back around but is holding secrets she is unsure of.
Gracie is trying to coexist with two men that mean the most to her. One she loves, one she misses. Will she feel that way when secrets start to unravel?
What will Gracie do when she finally learns that her whole life has been surrounded by lies. Will she face the truth or will she run......will she even have the chance?

Sami's review:
Gracie, Liam and Ryan have been best friends since they were little. Their mothers were all very close so it always seemed as though it was them against the world. Her father is not really in the picture she sees him from time to time and he helps out financially. Everything changes when they turn 15. She is no longer allowed to be around Liam and for Gracie that his heartbreaking. She tries to distance herself from Ryan as well but in the end she just can’t. This is their senior year and she plans on making the most out of the time she has left with him. Liam also comes back into her life and Ryan is none to happy about it. No one will tell her what happened or why Liam is dangerous. Ryan is fighting his attraction to Gracie but it’s a losing battle. Gracie love Ryan and doesn’t want to lose him but she feels like he is slipping away. The secrets Liam and Ryan are keeping from her are hurting her more than protecting her as is their intention. Would it be so bad if the secrets were not so secret anymore? Is hiding things from Gracie really protecting her or putting her in more danger? 

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About The Author

I'm a mother of two boys, married to a loving husband, I also have two furbabies. I love to write New Adult. I'm very new to writing but I love it just the same! I would love to hear feed back from my readers you can contact me at or find me on Facebook at


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