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Cover Reveal...Jaded By Desire

Jaded by Desire
by Desiree A. Cox
Series: Lust, Desire and Love Trilogy, Book 2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: March 28, 2015

Nikki's life was changing. She was in love, she was getting married and she was going to have the baby that she never expected she'd have.

Everything was perfect.

Or was it?

Everyone has secrets, those hidden parts of our past we don't ever want  to be discovered.

Nikki and Jeff's love will be tested.  Is their love strong enough to survive the secrets that come out?

Desiree was born and raised in Iowa.

She married her high school sweetheart and moved to the Philadelphia area after high school and has been happily married for over twenty-five years. She’s the mother of two sons and a daughter.

She writes Erotica and is looking to expand into the thriller/suspense genre in the near future.

Desiree enjoys family time, traveling and spending time at the beach.

Her debut book is Twisted By Desire.

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Voodoo Moon A Moon Sisters Novel

Voodoo Moon: A Moon Sisters Novel

(Paranorm World Book 1)


A sinister magic is sweeping across Nash City… To Fiona Moon, it’s just another day at work. And some days, well, they’re a helluva lot worse than others. As a member of the elite Black Blade Guard, Fiona is tasked with hunting down the most-dangerous Paranorm criminals. To find out who is kidnapping mages and sucking the life energy from their bodies, she has to work with the one man that embodies everything she despises. Master Necromancer Ian Barroes, a rich professor of Necromantic Studies, wants only one thing in this world… Fiona. They each hold secrets that could destroy them, but ones that could also be the key to destroying the evil Voodoo priest, Bokor. They must learn to trust each other and track down Bokor before more innocent lives are lost. When Fiona becomes a target of the evil madman, she is lured into his trap. Now, she and Ian have to fight for survival… and their very souls.
Release Date: February 10, 2015
ISBN: paperback 978-1-63422-021-7
ebook: 978-1-63422-022-4



Happy young couple hugging. First love on dark background

About the Paranorm World

Two hundred years ago the world was very different. It was an age of technology and prosperity. There were more than 7 billion people on earth. Magic and paranormal beings were relegated to fiction and myth. In the Technological Age Year 2012 the Earth experienced a natural phenomena which we now call the Cataclysm. There was a polar shift in which the earth’s natural magnetic poles shifted. The polar shift caused a series of natural disasters that changed the landscape of the world. Earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, and tsunamis pounded the world leaving devastation and death. Whole cities and even states were leveled by earthquakes and swallowed by the sea. The melting of the polar ice caps caused flooding. Society collapsed. Major cities were leveled by disasters, power plants and refineries were destroyed. The basic infrastructure of the country disintegrated. There was no longer any electricity, public water systems no longer worked. Food supplies dwindled as there was no longer enough gasoline for shipping. At first the government tried to keep order with police and military. But as more and more disasters destroyed major cities and even the capital of the United States, the government crumbled. With no government to pay or command them there was no longer an army or even police forces. Riots abounded, destroying as much property as the disasters. Disasters killed more than half the population in just a few years. Over the next five decades famine, disease, and war killed millions more. Humanities only chance for survival was reliant on those who had long ago become outcasts and myths. Humans who through natural evolution, genetics, or viruses had preternatural abilities. In the ruins of the old civilization, a new one rose up. One that blends technology and magic. One where paranormal beings like mages, vampires and werebeasts live side by side with normal humans.


“This wasn’t done by a necromancer.” Ian’s voice was tight. “No?” Fiona’s voice was filled with barely veiled sarcasm. “I realize you are skeptical. You believe in what you can see or feel. That because you cannot see or feel the energy of spirits, you don’t believe in them.” “No, that is not true. I’m a mage, Ian. My power lies in feeling energy around me, even energy others cannot feel or manipulate. I believe the energy of the dead remains, and can communicate with mages with certain powers—necromancers. “What I do not believe is that all who say they are necromancers, actually are. What I don’t believe is that those who are necromancers always tell the truth. I think they prey on people who are vulnerable and willing to pay anything for a connection with a dead loved one. I think that practice has been going on for hundreds of years… and it’s not likely to stop.” “After all the years you’ve spent working with me and other necromancers, why do you still have such a poor view of us? I can’t think of any case that would cause you to feel that way.” “I hate necromancers because one killed my mother.” She’d said the words calmly, as if she were saying, “The sky is blue.” A calm, factual statement. Her face was devoid of emotion. His mind spun, trying to remember what he knew about Malaina Hernandez and her death. He’d made it his business to know the professional background of any Blade or City Guard he worked with, though his interest in Fiona’s history had been a bit more personal. He had full security clearance within the Blades and had read her mother’s file long ago. From what he remembered, Malaina had been killed taking down a smuggling and slaving gang. The same gang killed her husband nearly seven years before, only Malaina had managed to take down the ringleaders before she’d died. Ian didn’t remember the mention of a necromancer in the files. “A necromancer killed your mother?” He did his best to keep his voice casual. He wasn’t sure how to approach the subject, and was a little surprised she had. “Well, she wasn’t really a necromancer, and she didn’t shove the sword through my mother’s body, but for all intents and purposes, she killed her. She, and others like her, stole my mother’s life long before the blood pumped out onto the ground.” Her voice was cold, hard steel. Though her voice was steady and her face blank, he could see the sorrow of old grief in her eyes. Fiona was not the sharing type, and other than last night in his bed, it was the first time she’d allowed him a glimpse of real emotion. If he pried, she could shut down. If Ian had a weakness, other than his all-consuming desire for Fiona that had not yet been slaked, it was his unfailing curiosity. His curious nature was what drew him to books and learning. It was even what made him teach, because even as he taught his students, he was constantly learning from them. That natural eagerness to know the unknown paired with his feelings for Fiona created a lethal combination. He wanted to know everything about her, what made her happy, what made her sad, all the ways to make her gasp and moan. He knew as much about her past as any outsider could, but that was all academic. Facts. Even though he lived his life by facts, he knew that there was so much more to life, more to knowing Fiona. Right now, something about her mother’s death, that had nothing to do with the public facts, was upsetting her. His need to know more worked against him, until he had to ask her about it. Though he knew he shouldn’t, he couldn’t help himself. “How did a necromancer cause your mother to die?” He wasn’t sure how else to put the question, but once it was said, he knew it had been the wrong thing to say. Her eyes flashed with anger. “Look, Barroes, just because we are sleeping together doesn’t mean you get to stick your nose into my life and ask about things that are none of your business.”

Reviews of Voodoo Moon

Sami's Review:
Fiona Moon is one of the only women on a elite force to protect humanity after the collapse of the world. She also happens to be one kick ass mage to boot. Fiona has no problem with people of other species, vampires included, but what she cannot stand are necromancers. Too bad for her Ian is one and also the best one out there who also happens to consult for The Order of the Blade which she works for. Ian knows that his people’s history makes him kind of unlikable but he is determined to change Fiona’s mind about him if not all of his kind. When a strange series of deaths hits the cities Fiona and Ian are takes with trying to figure out and put a stop to it all. With the death toll rising so do emotions. This is a wonderful start to what is sure to be a great series. Filled with mystery, romance and some pretty kick ass fights too not a book you want to miss!
If I could describe in 3 words right now~ truly epic heroine! — Missy, Miss Devours Delish Reads
If you enjoy a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat while pulling your heart in with each captivating word and breathtaking character, then look no further. — Amber, The Wonderings of One Person Blog
Here’s everything I love in a book: Post-Apocalyptical, paranormal beings, magic, mystery, and of course, romance. Add to that soul-sucking beasts, zombies, and missing persons and you get one heck of a story. — Cara, Smile Somebody Loves You Book Blog
Freakin’. Loved. It. — Michelle Pickett, author of “Unspeakable” and “PODs”
I was drawn into the narrative from the opening prologue, and I completely enjoyed it. — Sara, Platypire Reviews

About June Stevens

June is a geek girl, fat chick, unrepentant romantic and bestselling romance author. While she writes in various subgenres all of her stories will always have one thing in common: Romance. Lots and lots of romance. June writes full time and is both independently and traditionally published. In her role as an indie author she is also a PR person, web designer, cover designer, graphic designer, marketing executive, small business owner, and all around June of All Trades. When not working she can be found making jewelry, reading, cooking, or watching geeky movies with her husband and snuggling with her 5...YES 5, furbabies. Notice cleaning wasn't listed... June Stevens is the pen name for DJ Westerfield.

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An Indecent Proposal...

An Indecent Proposal by J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele

Release date: February 23rd, 2015

It was supposed to be easy. 
Hire a professional actor to play my fake fiancĂ©. 
But when he steps in front of my door to pick me up for The Interview, my heart stops. Chase Wright is perfect. And hot. I mean like, burn up your dress hot. However, Chase isn't professional at all. I hate what he does to me with his sinfully sexy blue eyes. I hate that he wants me in his bed. 

One month…that’s all I need him for. All I have to do is stay out of his bed. But the rules slowly begin to change. My fake fiancĂ© suddenly becomes my fake husband. When Chase offers me an indecent proposal, it's too late to fire him. It's too late to decline. 

Full-length novel. Includes free prequel novella THAT GUY.

Buy An Indecent Proposal:

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My Review
Another fabulous hot read. I so enjoyed Chase and Laurie's story of fake love and deception. Laurie finds herself needing to hire a fake fiance before her 23 rd birthday little did she know that the interview process would give her more than she bargained for. Could she pull this stunt off and get what she really wanted? Could Laurie end of falling for charming Chase or is it  all a hoax to get Laurie out of the picture. A great suspense story packed full of love, lies and deceit!
***** 5 stars

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THE COVER SERIES - BOX SET By Kim Black review

★★ THE COVER SERIES - BOX SET ‪#‎FREE‬ with Kindle Unlimited! ★★

Get all three books of The Cover Series for free in one ‪#‎boxset‬ through‪#‎KindleUnlimited‬.

Emily Roberts was done with men, choosing to throw herself into her career after her ex, Adam, cheated on her with one of her best friends. It didn't take long before her decision to write off love was tested when Julien Belmont, a French billionaire, begins to take an interest in her. Love is never simple, and that's certainly the case for Emily, as she finds herself in a whirlwind of affairs, lies, and a tug of war between her past and her possible future.

Julien Belmont is gorgeous and passionate. Plus he is French. That really says it all. The commanding billionaire finds that his ever growing sexual appetite meets its match one night when he meets Emily. One night with her changes everything he once believed in. 
Just as quickly as they found one another, everything falls apart when old flames return and their love is tested. 

But all is fair in love and war, and cutting old ties with a scorned ex-love is never easy... 

Note: This book contains erotic content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

Sami's Review:
Julien has always considered himself the unattainable type. A billionaire and a looker he can get anyone he wants and even marriage doesn’t stop him. Emily has had it with arrogant men. After her last relationship with such a man nearly destroyed her she vows never again. When Julien comes up to her she knows from the first look that he is trouble. Yet neither can resist the other. What happens to Julien after he has been with Emily throws him way off his game. Throw in a woman who he married for convenience who then decides she wants him for real, a friend who lied to Emily for her own purposes and a once cheating ex into the mix of this story and you have the best recipe for a series that will keep you turning the pages! 

Companion Novel is also live for only #99CENTS!
Uncovered Scars, Diana's Story:


A Murder Of Crows by Addison Kline

A Murder of Crowes

Book 3 in the Shadow Series
By Addison Kline 


When the life of a family dies, what happens to their secrets? Are the memories of their vitality stamped out by the darkness? Are their heirlooms and photographs stowed away, hidden from view? Can the flicker of a candle’s flame reveal the secrets of a bygone life? Or will the damp and the darkness squelch the truth forever?

The Elkhart Bugle called it A Murder of Crowes. It was a clever play on words. A sinister spin on the traditional meaning of the phrase. A murder of crows - three crows gathered in unison. The trio are seen as an omen, a threat. The three stand in judgment over their peers. Self-declared kings of paupers. But on November 22, 1967, one journalist cloaked the phrase in further darkness when Ellis Crowe and two of his adult sons, Warren and Jasper Crowe, were murdered just moments after they had finished their evening dinner. There were witnesses who had watched the ordeal play out and all evidence and accounts, all but one, led straight to Nathaniel Crowe. He was the youngest son of Ellis and Victoria Crowe. After his arrest, Crowe Towers was emptied of its residents for the first time since the grand estate was erected in 1754. It would not stay empty though.
Like a sadistic case of whisper down the lane, the story changed. The truth was altered, shrouded by local lure, and those that believed the stories couldn’t deny the pull Crowe Towers had over them. They didn’t know that the truth was far worse than the tales that they believed.

Now thirty-six years after Nathaniel Crowe was first sent to prison, the State of Pennsylvania is preparing him for his release. The citizens of Elkhart are on edge. Nathaniel himself is uneasy. All he has known for the last thirty-six years have been the walls of Pennington Prison. But when a triple homicide occurs on the very night he is released from prison, one can only ask, “Is history repeating itself?” Or is there a copycat aiming to make sure Nathaniel never tastes the sweet nectar of freedom again?

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