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The Need by SL Hannah


Stood up by her boyfriend, she goes home with a woman…

Straight-laced coed Angie has never felt daring enough to…experiment. Until tonight. The skin around Heather’s lips is soft, unlike the stubble Erik lets grow in, and the night unfolds like an erotic dream, tapping into an unexplored part of Angie’s body and mind.

But Heather’s seduction turns into a nightmare when Angie wakes up tied to the bed and is told she can’t leave. Alternately seduced and tormented by her lover-turned-captor, Angie is pulled ever deeper into a twisted world of pain-for-pleasure and voyeuristic exploits. As the stakes rise, both women give into a desire for connections neither has had, and Angie’s struggle to escape becomes a bigger dilemma: Would she leave if she could?

Winner of the Golden Palm Contest for New Adult Romance, this erotic thriller dares to explore the darker side of our fantasies and their sometimes unintended consequences.
The door slides open. Heather pauses in surprise.
“Have something on your mind?” Her voice is uncertain as she walks in my direction.
“I’ve done some thinking,” I say, propping up on my elbows. I curl my fingers through the tips of my new dark hair. “I’m not sure when I’m getting out of here, so why continue to waste time?”
She towers over me and crosses her arms. One hip juts out to the side, like she won’t be convinced until she hears more.
I pull at my leggings and hike my cleavage, fighting any trepidations. It might be better if I stand up.
In my platform heels I’m almost able to meet her wary glance. “Maybe I need to embrace a different destiny.”
She sighs in disbelief.
I place my hands on her defensive stance and kiss her gently. She doesn’t respond. It’s as if my mouth—the mouth she’s been craving for nearly a week—is suddenly unremarkable to her. I understand. She’s expecting loathing and having to manipulate me into doing the things she wants.
I can’t let that stop me.
I dive in again, this time more forcefully, weaving my hands through her hair, making noises similar to those I was practicing on the bed. “Heather, I want to give you pleasure. The way you’ve given me pleasure,” I whisper in her ear.
“You’ve accused me of getting you drunk, coercing you. Just last night you hated me. Strong words for someone who now wants to bring me pleasure.”
I glide my hands along the satin of her jacket. “I knew what I wanted from the moment I saw you on the dance floor.”
She stops my hands midway down her arm and squeezes them. Hard. Reminding me of who’s in charge. “What do you know about giving a woman pleasure?”
“I may not know all the fancy tricks you do, but I know a genuine smile and the subtle gestures of permission.” I break free of her grasp and intertwine my fingers between hers. “The bow of a head, flutter of lashes, relaxing of shoulders, allowing me to try…”
Hesitantly, she drops her arms, giving me an opening.
I guide her jacket off and let it fall to the floor, not allowing our gaze to break, and then smack my lips against hers, drinking greedily from her mouth.
She breaks away to once again inspect. “What if this is just a temporary trick of the light? Something different to distract me.”
My hands wrap around her waist and slowly untuck her blouse. “Didn’t you tell me that different was good?”
The rouge begins to smear between our cheeks.
I unbutton the few buttons of her light blouse and pull it off her arms.
Her fingers glide along the edge of my leggings. I suck in my stomach more.
“Careful, Angie. I like you like this.”
I smile. It’s working. The blouse slips through my fingers like the last rays of light before sunset. I tug at her to follow me back to the bed.
This is it. My nerves are a mess. The rush of my power play is catching up to me.

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About The Author  

S.L. Hannah was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and moved to Southern California to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes. The Need is her first erotic thriller. The manuscript won the 2013 Florida Romance Writers Golden Palm Contest for New Adult Romance, and is an adaptation of a screenplay her husband wrote about a woman struggling to free herself from her lover’s physical and emotional binds. With a summer release date of August 25, 2015, buzz about the break-out novel calls it “one powerful piece of writing…creepy as hell.” S.L. Hannah lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband. When she’s not writing fiction, she continues to solve the aviation problems of the world.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

American Made by Kathryn Kiden


American Made
An Against the Tides Novel
by Katheryn Kiden

Fall Out (Against the Tides Novella)

American Made (Against the Tides Book 2)

Where Words Fail (Save Me Book 1)

Freeing Tuesday (Save Me Book 2)

Hate Me Today (Save Me Book 3)

Collaborate (Save Me Book 4)

Sound Proof (Save Me Book 5)

 Save Me Series Box Set

Sinner (Sinners and Saints Book 1)

Saint (Sinners and Saints Book 2)

Homewrecker (Into The Flames Book 1)

“You’re hot as hell when you’re in your element, you know that?” 
“Oh yeah?” She pushes away from me and grins. “Is that the only time you think I’m hot?” 
“No.” I laugh. I have a hard time catching my breath when she slides her hand under the hem of her shirt, exposing her toned stomach. “Fuck no. All you have to do to have my cock beggin’ to be touched is breathe in my vicinity.” 
“Good to know.” Emerson winks at me before spinning and heading toward the parking lot. Her hips swing with each step and it drives me insane.  
“How the fuck can I want someone so much that I only met a few days ago?” I call out as she reaches for the door handle on her truck. 
“Infatuation,” she yells back over her shoulder. I take a few long strides and press myself against her back, forcing her chest against the truck. I make sure I don’t press hard enough to hurt her and scrape my teeth across the junction of her neck and shoulder. She moans, rolling her head to the side for me. “I have a theory, wanna know what it is?” I nod against her skin and wait to see what she has to say. “My theory is if we get it out of our systems we won’t want each other as much.”  Doubtful. 
“And why’s that?” 
“Because I don’t wanna want you as much as I do and I think that feelin’ you touchin’ me and gettin’ it out of my system will help.” 
“What if I don’t wanna stop wantin’ you? What then?” 
“You will. My appeal will diminish the second you get what you really want.” She pushes me back using her ass and opens the door of the truck, jumping in. “Follow me.” 

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     Katheryn was born in Maine and lived there until 2014, now residing in Southwest Virginia with her two asshole dogs. Growing up, she was the only girl out of five children. Out of four loving, but hard-assed, brothers she has been set on fire TWICE, shot at, left her with a burning car and a five gallon container of gas, scared out of her mind every time they got behind the wheel, and has enough hilarious stories and amazing memories to fill a million books. It made her independent and every female character she writes reflects strength and independence. Katheryn books are full of page turning suspense, humor, and enough steam to overheat your e-reader. 
"There are no weak women, just weak moments."