36 Things To Do In Wyoming: The Ultimate Wyoming Bucket List


String Lake is a favorite amongst visitors to Grand Teton National Park and once you lay your eyes upon this exquisite body of water you’ll understand why.

This emerald gem is unlike the other lakes inside the Tetons in that it reflects the greens of the surrounding pines rather than the blue (or grey) skies at other nearby lakes such as Jenny Lake or Leigh Lake.

One of the best things to do at String Lake is to go kayaking or paddle-boarding. Due to the lake’s unusual elongated shape which is full of small hidden bays and coves, the water is mostly calm and provides a relaxing and peaceful experience. The earlier in the morning you arrive, the more calm and peaceful the experience will be, not only because of the less likelihood of wind, but also as there will be less visitors.

Another big plus for String Lake is that it is relatively shallow, which means those who are new to watersports will feel less intimidated tackling activities on the water.

Gliding through the water effortlessly will mean more time to be able to look up and take in the stunning surrounding landscape and you may even spot a moose or two as this is prime moose habitat!

There are no rentals available at String Lake so you will need to bring your own watercraft or you can rent from several outfits in Jackson Hole.

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