Alice & Toxaway Loop As A Day Hike – Yes, You Can Do It!


Starting The Trail

The trail starts off beside Pettit Lake and within 0.5 miles you will reach the junction to Alice and Toxaway Lake. You will stay on the trail to the right to get to Toxaway Lake.

The trail begins to slowly climb for about a mile through an open hill and then dips and rises several times before descending to another junction where you turn left for Toxaway Lake or right to reach Yellow Belly Lake.

From here the trail is fairly flat for about 0.25 miles before it gradually climbs again until you reach a creek crossing. If you prefer to stay dry and keep your shoes on there is a log crossing a short way upstream.

After the creek crossing you will slowly climb for what seems a really long time.

Eventually you will come across a pretty waterfall and the bush begins to open up and you can see the surrounding mountains. After several miles you will pass a beautiful lake which I’m not sure if you can get close to as it seemed too far of the trail but not to worry as the next lake is right beside the trail and has easy access if you want to stop for lunch or a swim.

Toxaway Lake is only half a mile from here so you can wait to stop there however it has very little access especially at the start of the lake.

The trail continues alongside Toxaway Lake until it reaches the far end where it climbs quickly above some rocks leading to a spectacular view of Toxaway and the White Cloud mountains in the distance.

Enjoy the view for a few minute before you ascend the trail through the pass which is my opinion is the best part of the trail.

The hike through the pass leads you past another beautiful and lush lake, meadows, tons of colorful wildflowers, and stunning views of the mountain peaks that surround you.

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