Best Things To Do In Tri-Cities


Are you wondering whether it’s worth planning a trip to the Tri-Cities or whether there is anything to do out over on the east side? Well I’m here to tell you there is!

While admittedly when we first moved here I found myself wondering where all the trees were and wasn’t sure how I felt about the desert landscape, the place has slowly but surely grown on me and I have found myself thinking that I am thankful to be living in such a relaxing, safe, and beautiful spot. Yes, there are no forests or spectacularly huge mountains that are typical of Western Washington, nor a vibrant night life, but sometimes you don’t need all that… or even want it.

If a relaxing weekend is more your style where you can take part in low key activities, Tri-Cities is most definitely where you need to plan a weekend trip too!

The Tri-Cities’ location beside the Columbia River is one of its best drawcards and there are so many different ways to enjoy it whether you enjoy exciting watersports like kayaking, boating, and fishing, or prefer more mellow activities like strolling outside or organizing a picnic.

As this Eastern Washington town has been growing quickly over the last few years, so has the food scene and there is a lot of newly established restaurants that will impress you. And because this side of the state enjoys a much sunnier climate, you can start planning your visit here as early as April!

Many visitors are almost always shocked to find out that the state of Washington isn’t just mountains, forests, and endless rain. Nope, over here on the east side you’ll find mostly blue skies and weather that reaches into the 90’s by the end of May. So if you’re looking to start your summer early, plan a trip out to the Tri-Cities!

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