Best Things To See On A Road Trip Between Twin Falls & Boise


If you’re driving up from Salt Lake City on your way to Portland or Seattle and looking for things to do on your road trip, keep reading because this driving itinerary will highlight all of the best stops between the Twin Falls and Boise leg of your trip.

The fun stops listed below will showcase Southern Idaho’s best attractions and include stunning natural wonders like hidden springs, waterfalls and magnificent canyons.

Here are the best stops between Twin Falls and Boise.


Best Things To See Between Twin Falls & Boise: Best Stops For Your Road Trip


Shoshone Falls

No trip to Twin Falls is complete until you’ve visited Shoshone Falls. This spectacular waterfall which has been dubbed the “Niagara Falls of the West” is actually 40-feet higher than Niagara Falls, although not as wide.

Shoshone Falls is located inside Shoshone Falls Park which is a few miles northeast of Twin Falls.

There are two great viewpoints of Shoshone Falls inside the park. The first overlook offers close-up views on a platform that hangs over the Snake River Canyon, and the other viewpoint is further away that requires some hiking to reach. Don’t miss seeing the waterfall from both viewpoints!


Perrine Coulee Falls

Perrine Coulee Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Twin Falls that drops 200-feet from the top of the Snake River Canyon’s rim into the Snake River Gorge.

What’s great about this waterfall is that you can view it from above and from below. You can even hike behind Perrine Coulee Falls! To reach the hiking trail that goes behind the waterfall, head down to Centennial Park where you’ll find the trailhead up to the falls.

This waterfall flows year-round however the flow is strongest between March to September.


Perrine Bridge

Next stop is Perrine Bridge. Make your way towards the I-84 and you will eventually come across the Perrine Bridge. The Perrine Bridge is an iconic landmark in Twin Falls.

This bridge is an amazing feat of engineering. It is the eighth highest bridge in the USA standing at 486-feet above the Snake River!

Visitors are allowed to walk across both sides of the Perrine Bridge. There is a parking lot on either side of the bridge and both have viewing platforms. Be sure to check out the views from the viewing platforms before walking across the bridge. The views of the Snake River Canyon from here are phenomenal!

Be sure to visit the Twin Falls Visitor Center located at the southern end of the Perrine Bridge. The Visitor Center has a number of interactive exhibits, maps of attractions in Twin Falls, and souvenirs.


Box Canyon

Hidden amongst the flat farmland and dairy pastures is a secluded canyon where crystal clear water seeps from rock walls into a brilliant blue pool. This spring flows at a rate of 180,000 gallons per minute making it the 11th largest spring in the United States!

The unbelievably beautiful blue pool is known as Box Canyon and is part of Thousand Springs State Park.

This natural wonder is a hidden gem in Idaho’s greater Twin Falls area and really must be seen to be believed! There is a hiking trail that leads down to the canyon floor where hikers can visit a stunning waterfall and swim in the spring’s refreshing waters.

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Ritter Island

Ritter Island which is part of Thousand Springs State Park, is a place that boasts endless natural beauty. Located alongside the Snake River, the park offers plenty of on-water activities including swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and picnicking.

The island is most notable for a beautiful waterfall that cascades over lush green ferns known as Lemmon Falls. Even if you don’t have time to enjoy the river, this park is worth the stop just to see the falls.

To visit Ritter Island, you’ll need to detour on Thousand Springs Scenic Byway.


Malad Gorge State Park

Malad Gorge State Park is a hidden gem in Southern Idaho. This state park contains a 250-foot deep canyon which the turquoise colored Malad River runs through. Also inside this state park is a 60-foot thundering cascade named the Devil’s Washbowl.

There is a steel footbridge that spans the gorge where you can see amazing views of the huge slice in the earth’s crust. From the footbridge look 200-feet down to the canyon floor where the Malad River meanders over large basalt rocks on its way to the Snake River.

The state park is located just off the I-84 at the Tuttle exit. Be on the lookout for the turnoff as it is a small blink and you’ll miss it sign.

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Bruneau Sand Dunes

Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park is home to the single tallest sand dune in the United States! It stands at a whopping 470-feet high.

The best thing to do at this state park is to go sandboarding on the sand dunes. There is a Visitor Center located inside the park where you can rent sandboards during the summer months.

Other things to do here include hiking, fishing, birdwatching, camping, and stargazing. An observatory inside the park offers free telescope viewing for all visitors.

This is the last stop on your drive between Twin Falls and Boise! From Bruneau Sand Dunes, it is only a one hour drive to Boise.

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