Visiting Ferndale On The Northern California Coast


Things To Do In Ferndale

Ferndale has a thriving art scene and there are quite a few fine art galleries you could visit including Ferndale Arts Gallery, The Blacksmith Shop & Gallery, and Artisan Alley Studio’s.

Historic landmarks you should not miss include the Ferndale Historic Cemetery, Fernbridge, and Fern Cottage. The Fernbridge spans the Eel River and is the longest functional, poured concrete bridge operating in the world and was prominently featured in the 1995 movie Outbreak. Fern Cottage is the picturesque home of Ferndale’s founding Russ Family. The house still retains its original furnishing and guided tours are available to visitors.

Be sure to drive out to the Lost Coast and explore some of the wild beaches. The area is breathtakingly beautiful and you can explore the beaches along a rough road or find a hiking trail if you’re feeling adventurous. The area is very remote though so be prepared with a full tank of gas.

Staying Overnight In Ferndale

There are many elegant bed and breakfasts in town should you wish to stay overnight. The most popular would have to be the Victorian Inn which is located on Main Street.

Another good option is the Gingerbread Mansion, a brightly painted bed and breakfast which can be found a few short blocks from Main Street.

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