Wisconsin Bucket List: Best Things To Do In The Badger State


Fish fries are very common in the Midwest but it is an especially strong tradition in Wisconsin. The Friday night fish fry happens year-round at many non-chain restaurants and taverns across the state and typically involves beer battered cod, perch, bluegill or walleye.

The tradition began because Wisconsin was settled heavily by Catholics of German, Polish, and other European backgrounds whose religion forbade eating meat on Fridays. The number of lakes in the state meant that eating fish became a popular alternative instead, and the now common fish fry Friday was born!

While the majority of the state prefers frying their fish, the Scandinavian community in Door County favors the fish boil, a variant which involves boiling potatoes, white fish, and salt in a large cauldron.

The Door County fish boils have become a state-wide attraction and there are several notable restuarants that put on quite a cooking show for guests.

Restaurants offering fish boils are spread out from the northern tip of the peninsula all the way to Sturgeon Bay making it easy for visitors to find a place to try it, no matter where they stay on the peninsula

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